Wednesday, 12 June 2013

My granny triangles for Yarndale Bunting !!!

....well, why not???
I love the idea to participate in this yarn adventure promoted by Lucy from Attic24!!!
So, I have crocheted some triangles with some yarn scraps...
...just off the hook....

....but with the help of my "hero" Mr Iron (and the useful tips from Lucy! ;oD).....

...after few seconds I had something like this...

....and here they are!!!!.....

...10 granny triangles for Yarndale!!!

Want see more??? please....

...some trios...

...and duos....

Would you love to crochet some granny triangles, too???
The pattern and photo tutorial can be found here !!!

If you are curious and maybe even interested in the challenge, you can have a look at these posts : here,  here and here !!! There is even a Yarndale 2013 Flickr group !!!!

My triangles are almost done.....!!!!!
I have to add just some tiny details....then, they will be really ME !!!!

.....come and visit me again tomorrow, ok??? Thank you !!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Hello Ale
    Look forward to seeing the tiny details you are going to add ...those Ale details.
    Just think your bit of lovely bunting will be flapping in the Yorkshire breeze over there in the UK and all the way from!
    I'm just itching to find a bit of time to do mine....

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Love the color combos Ale!!
    Kate :}

  3. Yes, I love to see the Ale touch too! Vey colorful triangles!

  4. Ale! You do so many things! for me is impossible to keep up publishing!
    The garland Lucy is so cute (all Lucy's blog is great!) but your garland is also beautiful!
    And I love the tote bag with the applique of the whale ... all great as always, Ale!
    Congratulations once more! You are hardworking and a great crafter!

  5. Lovely and colourful triangles!! :) waiting to see your bunting.....

  6. Beautiful! I want to make some too, and send it off from South Africa :-)


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