Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Chinatown in Singapore..... I said (here), it was just around the corner.....

.....what do you think about going to Malaysia to visit Legoland???
We did even that, while being in Singapore!!! See you soon, then!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

P.S. : one picture of this post is linking to beauty is where you find it #69 : rainbow colours ! ....guess which one!!!! see you there to check!!! thank you!!!


  1. FABULOUS photos Ale!
    love love love all the shutters
    love jooles xxx

  2. Thanks for the amazing photos. I love Asia but haven't been able to visit for years. The shutters are so pretty. I also like the no admittance sign - think I'll get one to put off unwanted visitors !! Lily. xxx

  3. Tee hee, I like the Keep Calm sign in the previous posting! Thanks for the great pics, I will always call asia home. Safrican no way - home is where we feel at ease, where we are inspired by the sheer energy around us, where the kids grew up - that for us is the Middle East and South East Asia. Do you sometimes miss Cairo Ale?

  4. Oooo, love the colorful window shutters and chairs!!
    Kate :}

  5. Love the tiles, the chairs, the Delft-like building!

  6. So much vibrant colour - I love the shutters, tiles and chairs.

  7. such a colourful place, the security sign was a bit scary! enjoy, Heather x

  8. Die Fensterläden sind einfach klasse! Machen direkt gute Laune...

  9. enjoyed this stoll so much, ale!
    thanks for taking me...

  10. Wow, great photo's! Thanks for sharing that with us :-)


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