Thursday, 13 June 2013

...My last touch on the granny triangles !!!

Yesterday  I've shown you my granny triangles that I made for Yarndale Bunting, promoted by Lucy of Attic24 (pattern available here)....remember?

Today I'm going to show you the embellishments I've added to them as my personal signature!
We can start showing each triangle one by one.. you can see, it's only some fringes and scallops (no pompoms this time!!!!! ;oD)....

I didn't put anything on the top of the triangles, because I don't know how Lucy will join the triangles to form the longest bunting ever!!!!

Some pictures with the triangles paired...

Details of the fringes and the scallops....

I've added a "monochromatic" new entry to this collection.... the centre one of my tiny butterflies !!!!!

To complete this photographic post, some more pics with the triangles displayed on my little table in front of my favourite window for the afternoon/cloudy day light...

...hope you liked them!!!

Now I have to prepare the parcel to send them to their destination!!!!! Really hard to do.....;oD !!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Today links : busy fingers showing off link party #3, Creative Friday and i ♥ fridays link party !!!! See you there!!! ;oD


  1. Oh my god.... they are so cute! Lucy will be happy to get them.
    XO, Martina♥

  2. Wow they are beautiful, I will be going to Yarndale so I will see if I can spot them when I'm there! :)

  3. They're very pretty Ale. Lots of pretty extra touches - you'll definitely be able to spot yours from all the others that look alike. :)

  4. Cute!! I really like the one with the tiny butterfly :)
    Have a great day and thanks for sharing them at my link party!

  5. Gorgeous bunting triangles! I love the bright colours and your own special little extras!
    Helen x

  6. I agree, yours will be set apart from the rest! Very "you!" I've been seeing a lot of tassels lately; way to be on the trend wagon!
    Kate :}

  7. This will be an adorable bunting!! I adore the cute little tassels. :)

  8. What a fun thing to participate in! I'm sure your contribution will be appreciated. Beautiful!

  9. They are sooo adorable!


  10. wow! those will make a wonderful garland!

  11. lovely, especially, the one with tiny butterfly :)

  12. And now your triangles are perfect:) !

  13. Lovely! Especially I liked the fringe!
    Have a sunny day!


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