Saturday, 22 June 2013

A crochet banner!!!!

I was not able to post this newbie yesterday (look here about the promise......), so I do it today!!!!

I've collected some granny houses and one of my experimental table runners to create a colourful banner!!!
It reminds me of my first drawings when I was a little kid in pre-school, so it's naive....and for this simple reason I'm in love with it!

Some pictures to share with you...

.....while pinning the houses on the table runner....

.....selecting the matching yarns to sew eventually the houses on....
....starting with one....

......and continuing with the others.....

...some blocking was needed....then ready for more snapshots....

......before saying "It's done !!!", I decided to add some trees in the between....

....IT'S DONE !!!!!!!! .......

...When my husband will be back from the dentist (!!!!), I'll ask him to help me to hang this banner somewhere in the home!!!!

Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Link your Stuff! and Craft Schooling Sunday!


  1. This is full on Ale, colourful, wacky and lots of fun! :) x

  2. Love it! Nice and colourful!

  3. Very colorful and pretty - love the little houses. :)

  4. Super!! ♥ So happy colors :-)). That's really a good mood wall hanger :D. Oh and it reminds me of one of my WIPs... I did a similar hanger for my flowers of Atelier Valerie's CAL, it's only crosswise crocheted instead of lengthwise. Everything's ready: The hanger, the flowers, I only had to sew them on. But it's laying, laying, laying... But one day I will do it ;-)

  5. Cute, I love seeing houses in a row!
    Kate :}

  6. It is adorable! Where did you hang it?
    Wish you a nice week :)


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