Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sports Day (Y5) and Secondary (Y7, 8, 9 and 10) Swimming Gala !!!

The end of the school is approaching so fast (next 21st of June!) and in the meantime kids, boys and girls are kept busy with various activities...

Last week, Tobia was busy in the first hours of the day with Y5 Sports Day (you can look at the last year event here : Tobia has grown since then!!!) and it was really hot.....
Luckily there were tents for shadow and under each one there were water stations.....
At the end of the day, both me and Tobia had headaches.....

 far did it go the soft ball?????

Yesterday, instead, there was Secondary Swimming Gala.....a fresh experience for the participants, while for the parents no!!!! Anyway, my camera was ready again to capture memories, this time Matteo's ones...

...I know that in the last picture Matteo is out of focus, but there is something in his expression that I like, so.....!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Good to see your son enjoying !!:)

  2. You must be very proud of them. Wow, you clicked them from every possible angle! They must also be very proud to have a mumma like you! :)

  3. Fun! It certainly looked hot out!! (Love all the lines in that second pool shot!)
    Kate :}

  4. it's hot there for sports i bet. Did they have a parents race?! Oh boy these kind of events just wear me out! Heather x


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