Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Y4 Sports Day at BIS (Jakarta)!!!

At 12:30pm in the hot hot hot and humid humid humid Jakarta started Y4 Sports Day....I was there with other mums (and one dad!) to cheer up our kids!!! After two hours of this "fun" we were close to collapse, while the kids were near to explode (long jump, triple springs, t-ball throw, 300m sprint, 60m sprint and push & pass-???-)....Enjoy some pics (i'm not good in taking motion pics, so you will see almost my little boy when he waits for his turn...sorry!!)....!!! GO MERAPI, GO!!!

......a good occasion to observe and encourage my little cub!!!

See you soon, xxx


  1. ahhh...i miss my childrens sports days now that they are big :o(
    what a very handsome young man x
    love jooles x

  2. So cute, these pics bring back all those school day memories of sports day. Glad I don't have to do it anymore though, imagine!!....xx

  3. Complimenti per il tuo sportivissimo figliolo, i miei sono un pò più grandi e ricordo con tenerezza i momenti come questi, passati a vederli crescere.
    A presto

  4. He is such a cute one, and he looks very much like you, doesn't he?

  5. These pics are great! My camera ran out of batteries on our sports day last week :/ What a lovely boy you have :D


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