Thursday, 31 May 2012

Make it! Chunky yarn tassel!!

After pom poms, tassels are the other easy decoration to do, honestly!
With the following pictures, I'll show you the simple steps to follow and soon you'll be able to make hundreds tassels in a flash!
Let's start!

You'll need to gather:

  • a pair of scissors
  • a big tapestry needle
  • 3 balls of yarn in 3 different colours (!!!)
  • a piece of cardboard 28x10cm, to fold in half so that it becomes 14x10cm
The cardboard piece will have this shape once folded

I mark top the upper side where is the fold and bottom is where we have the opening

Now we can collect the 3 different yarns, that will be wrapped loosely (this is important to remember, because you can avoid the "bungee jumping" effect on your tassel, after cutting it free fom the cardboard!!!)  around the cardboard. You can start from the front of the cardboard to the back of it

After few wraps (5 in this case) you'll have something like this

I've decided to wrap the strands 30 times around the cardbord. You are free to decide how much thick your chunky tassel has to be!

At this point, you can cut the strands

Cut other 3 strands (between 30-50cm long)

and thread them through the tassel

and slide them to the top

tie them with one knot (not firmly). These long ends will be useful to attach the tassel to whatever you like!

After adjusting the tassel with your hands so that the cardboard is flat, you can cut the strands at the bottom with the scissors. Be careful to insert one blade into the opening of your cardboard!

You can free your tassel from the cardboard now..

Take the tassel in your hands and make a second knot on the top, firmly this time!

Cut other 3 strands and put them under the tassel (2 fingers from the top)

Tie a double knot and thread one end under the folded strands (the upper ones). In the following picture, the upper strands are on the left. Thread them on the tapestry needle, wrap them once around the height (not the circumference!!) of the "neck" of the tassel, push the needle down in the folded strands. Leave the lower ends were they are : they will be adjusted in the trimming later!!

pick up your tassel upside down and trim it to even up

Just few snips and your tassel is done!!!!

And as I told you, in less than half an hour you can have a bunch of tassels :

I hope you'll have fun in making them!!!
Any question/problem,  please don't hesitate to contact me here, thank you!!!

See you soon, xxxx

P.S.  you  can find this post at (here) ! Please go and check the     other crafty creations! thank you!


  1. what a brilliant idea! and a fabulously clear tutorial...great pics.
    thank you x
    love jooles x

  2. Great idea and the tutorial is very easy to understand!! The colours are so fresh!
    Love, Miriam

  3. These are really pretty - a whole bunch of them would look great! Thanks for another cool tutorial :)

  4. Thanks for the brilliant tutorial, loved it!

  5. just discovered these. Very nice tasseles. I think this is a good way of making them, they are nice and chunky!! Heather x

  6. Nice and easy.Can't wait to try one

  7. Thank you for a great easy mind is now on over drive of sizes and materials....:)


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