Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A new project....completed!!!

Let's start with some pictures about my new crochet creation and then we'll talk about it, ok??

It's the biggest granny square I've ever crocheted (11 rounds). To embellish it, I've added 2 rounds in double crochet (in red) and a lovely picot (!!!!) edge !!! But it's not yet completed....After blocking different blocks ( big one and mini ones!), I started to gather different pom poms, some ribbons, a bamboo stick (that I painted in bright yellow), some safety pins, some pyssla plastic beads (from IKEA), and .....look at the transformation !!!

Yes, I've added even a knitted butterfly brooch.....do you like it? I simply love it!!
Anyway, this morning I've hammered a nail in the wall by the staircase and....OPLA', a granny square kitsch panel on the wall!!!!

I notice in it a mix of inspirations, like tuareg ornaments (I've spent six years of my life in Egypt, ;-) ) or even
some hungarian/russian folkloristic handicrafts....what do you think?
I'm so happy, honestly completely smitten with the result that I've already started a new one...

and there is a different thing also on the way...

I'm so thrilled when my days are so colourfully creative!!!! I imagine that the same feeling happens even to you, my crafty friends!!

See you soon, xxxx

P.S. you can find this project in creative jewish mom , where other crafty people add their beautiful crafts!! go and have a look, thank you, xx


  1. It's very kitschy, but even great. Great colours, great idea!
    Love, Miriam

  2. I just LOVE it! Not only wonderful to "meet" you, and that you're contributing from Jakarta, but you've earned yourself a feature on your very first visit to the party! Thanks so much for linking up on Craft Schooling Sunday, hope to see more great projects from you!

  3. Ciao Alessandra, che allegra creazione, con la farfalla sei stata bravissima!Te li invidio tutti quei viaggi, io viaggio molto con la fantasia,al massimo navigo su internet e mi faccio qualche giro in barca nelle vicinanze, ma per ora va bene così, non si può avere tutto e subito, altrimenti non c'è gusto.
    Sono proprio contenta di averti conosciuta.

  4. Wow Alessandra! I really love this :) It's so creative - really nice to see all the different inspirations too - totally cool! Have a lovely day :D


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