Thursday, 24 May 2012

Here I am!!!

Some quiet days here at homemade@myplace !!!
The reasons for this short absence are mostly 3 :
  1. Even if my birthday was lovely, honestly I don't like the "ageing" part, you know....and a witty friend of mine kindly reminded me that we just entered (it was her b-day. too!!) our late 40s....grrr!!!! I was a little bit depressed, not really in a good mood...anyway, let's go on...!!! ;-))))
  2. my husband had some healthy problems because of some kidney stones, so imagine his pain....luckily he feels better now!!
  3. I was busy with some work, because I had an order to fulfill : 3 3D fish necklaces for 3 young girls, who will celebrate their b-days next weekend....!!! So my crafty hands created the followings :

I really like these velvety beads!!!! I love the hue of the colours (so vivid!) and the fact that those beads are so light, that you can enjoy the necklace around your neck all day long without having the annoying feeling of "heaviness"!

But that's not all!!! What about some granny squares? the big ones?
Both my kids has chosen the colours for their next winter (I know we are in Indonesia, but the ACs are on all year round, so we can enjoy the cosyness of a wool blanket!) blankets....

Matteo's choice

Tobia's selection

for me!!!!
In the evenings, while kids are in bed sleeping, I sit on the sofa surronded by all I need for my crochet time (hook, yarn, scissors, tapestry needle)!!! The tv is on, my hubby and Margot quietly sit beside me and we enjoy together this happy time!
I've experimented even these lovely blocks

That's all, my dears! Sorry, but now I have to leave you, because I have to cuddle a little boy (his big brother is away for a school trip....we all miss him!!!) and I have to arrange the dinner....

Seee you soon, xxxx


  1. Don't know, what to say...
    All look great, the granny squares, the fishes, all!! You are so busy...

  2. Oh, lovely 'fishy' necklaces! We must be on the same wavelength, hehe :) :) Your crochet work looks so gorgeous - I'm a little behind on the crochet front, the weather has been so lovely here this week :D

  3. hello lovely x
    your poor husband, i hope he gets sorted out soon or at least feels much better x
    the fish necklaces are amazing, i have never seen such pretty bead strings.
    I'm loving all of your pretty crochet squares, especially the ones that are the colour of water melons.
    I hope your son is having a fab trip...its so hard when they go away x
    love jooles x

  4. Those fish necklaces are SO cute, so colourful!

    Happy Birthday Alessandra! Don't worry about getting older because we are all doing the same. :)

  5. Arggh I missed your birthday- sorry; many happy belated returns!! I love your fishes, but those grannies... SWOON! They are gorgeous!

  6. I love your little fishes...just gorgeous...

    And the amazing colours of your Granny Blocks are beautiful...

    Belated Birthday wishes to you and your sister...
    The flowers are beautiful too...

  7. Simpaticissime le collane!
    Mi piaciono molto anche i colori per le coperte,che tra l'altro adoro, ma non ho mai il coraggio di cominciare un lavoro che non so se e quando porterò a termine. Comunque la tua selezione di colori è la mia preferita, verde e lilla, che tenerezza!


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