Friday, 14 June 2013

This morning ... friend Gaia brought me to discover a nice place, located not far away from my home!
It's a cooperative called " TRASHION" that has the following motto : from waste to style !

This workshop/shop is found in an area commonly known as Green Village !
In here they collect all the plastic pouches used for domestic detergents, used toothpaste tubes and similar stuff. The people of the cooperative clean them,  cut them and eventually sew them all to obtain bags, trolley bags, umbrellas, laptop cases, pencil cases, luggage tags, etc... in order to recycle and support their own community! Not bad, eh?
I really enjoy shopping opportunities like this one... I feel good when I buy, because I'm not wasting my money in silly things !!!

...some distractions from the roof in front of the window of the workshop...

...and before leaving the cooperative, I took some pics in the cutting and in the sewing rooms...

...and on the way back to our car.....

.... I found (lucky me!!!) a sleepy head....

.... a good one, right for luzia pimpinella's beauty is where you find it #68 !!!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Great items - some of the prints are real pretty. :)

  2. Beautiful ideas, beautiful cats!
    (For 5 yrs I did environmental impact consultation under the name "Gaia" :-)

  3. What a wonderful thing that cooperative is! Thank you for sharing it with us Ale :)

  4. That cooperative is great! I always love these photos! There's never a lack of Kitty's there is there? :)
    Kate :}

  5. what a great place, i like their products. Such a good idea. Heather x


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