Tuesday, 23 September 2014

About my last photo tutorial ….

…. well, I've tried the how to crochet a circle in a rectangle using more colours for one motif and the result is really eye catching…

…. and it seems to look at a different pattern, when comparing this new one with the original one …

So, tempted, I decided to crochet a couple more (!!!) using different colour combos ….

In this specific case, I've decided to change little things from the original version of the pattern, that is :

round 4 : each corner is characterised with chain 2 (no more chain 1)
round 5 : even in this round, every corner has a chain 2
round 6 : there are 13 SCs along the left side and othe 13 SCs along the right side
                only 1 DC in the second corner and only 1 DC in the fourth corner
round 7 : after the first 7 DCs of the top, crochet 1 DC in the top of the stitch, not in the corner
                in the second and the fourth corners, crochet just 1 DC (not 2)
                there are 13 DCs along the base and the first DC after these 13 is not in the corner, but in the
                top of the stitch

Then I crocheted the third one ….

For this yellow/grey version, I followed the "new" version of the pattern (as for the green one) and I decided to put an extra change : in fact, instead to work a chain 4 (just look here to understand where to make this slight variation), I decided to substitute it with a chain 3 !!!!
Another thing : this time I didn't use the chain 3 as the starting stitch at the beginning of all rounds, but I preferred to chain 1 and DC in the same stitch !

…. I think I've been quite exhaustive with this motif, but not exhausted !!!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Yessss...... I love it, multi color, haha.... byebye Francien

    1. just posted : you were just around the corner waiting for this!!!!! ;oD
      xxxxxxx Ale

  2. When I first saw the very first picture pop up in my blog reader I thought for a moment that someone had stolen your pattern, and then I realised thankfully it was you experimenting with different colours!! They look very different in the different colours don't they! xx

  3. Hey Alessandra,
    This really brightens up the day! Lovely project! (I'm working on a circle-in-a-square-blanket right now myself and I find it's very rewarding.) Also love your posts about how you are settling in in your new country.
    Thanks for sharing, have a lovely week!

    1. Ciao Haafner !
      It's a pleasure to hear from you!!! I hope we'll see soon pictures of your blanket, because your work is always lovely to look at! Thank you for reading even my Maputo's posts !!! :oD
      xxxxxx Ale

  4. Very fresh looking rectangulars! I especially love the combination of orange, pink and red, very pretty! :)

    1. thank you my dear!!!! I really appreciate your colours and work support!!!!!! ;oD
      love, xxxxx Ale

  5. This is perfect! love it!
    I realize that you already are installed in your new home
    and your creativity is constantly boiling! hahaha!
    Have a nice day, Ale!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  6. I love the different versions!! And I'm happy to read you're not exhausted! :-)
    Greetings from Marijke

  7. hi ale! thank you! i'll have to try this! wish me luck!

  8. Lovely Ale and I love your colour choices (and so good to make all your notes so carefully as you work!:-) )...my favourite is the orange, pink and red too x
    Susan x

  9. It's great Ale, so much possibilities! I really love all those colour combinations...
    Love from Mirjam.

    1. thank you Mirjam, you just made me smile!!! ;oD
      xxxxx ale

  10. Hi Alessandra,
    Just found you through Coco Rose. I´m so glad there are so many people crocheting in our beautiful world.
    Keep shining ~ ♥ ~

  11. Very effective with three colors! I especially like the orange, pink and red!
    Kate :}

  12. Wooow thats so sweet. I like your protject.

    greatings send you Conny

    thank you for visit my blog

  13. Wow! I love the splash of color!

  14. So colorful and pretty! Love the green and grey one!! xo Heather


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