Thursday, 17 November 2011

Miss Owlette

This morning, while waiting for the right time to go out to school to help kids in year 4 to read, I had the impulse to complete the sewing of my little owl.... So, I collected some velvety red beads, a bright red thread, an orange ribbon and 6 black metallic little pendants (I don't remember the real name, but they are used in scrapbooking) and I started....

So cute from the outside, but so "scary" from the inside! It reminds me the novel of Dorian Gray.....!!!!

But at the end she turned out so lovely! Isn't she? I like her big eyes and her softness (she is filled with some toy stuffing), her bright colours, the 3 hearts....And what about the mini bird cage with the dangling bells? Well I'm completly overwhelmed by her beauty! Sure, I'm her "mummy" after all........

In the meantime, while I was working on my little project; someone else nearby was doing what usually she does better....

Sleeping like a princess!!!
See you soon, xxx
P.S.: I have to thank a lot Jessica Levit for her free pattern "felt owl ornament", that you can find at       A lot of friends will be happy this coming Christmas, some relatives,too!


  1. questa gufetta e' fantastica e tenerissima!!!

  2. oh... i love that owl you made!

    happy weekend!

  3. Hi, I know this was a while a go now, but where can I get those little velvety beads?
    Thank you.


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