Sunday, 6 November 2011

Quiet days

Tomorrow my kids will be back in school, after two weeks of half term....!!! A very long holiday! I was really scared at the beginning : two boys at home all day long for 15 days? Actually it was really good! And I had even the time to enjoy my garden...

...The first thing in the morning : to sweep a huge amount of shells ( I don't remember the proper name of this local fruit that resembles the lychees) on the swimming pool floor, because of the heavy rain (wet season now in JK) and the wind!

....even in the swimming pool you can point out some shells (you see the black dots on the right?), but they can stay there for a little while!! I'm not really talented in "scuba sweeping"....

... some fungi in the soil...

.....and some beautiful flowers to smell and admire.....

...and a very lovely and quiet garden.... No kids outside ("It's too hot mum, so we prefer to play inside") and I have the idea to grab a good book and a fresh drink to enjoy on one of these seats.....

The one on the right IT'S MINE!!! No smelly shoes nearby!!

See you soon, xxxx

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