Friday, 1 November 2013

Love from Holland, Tinie !!!!

….This is the usual way Tinie sign her comments or her emails addressed to me!!!!

This early afternoon, when back home from grocery (and not only : yarn, too!!!) shopping, I found a little parcel and my heart started to sing and skip for joy : I was waiting for that!!!

In this post, Tinie has shown the picture of a crocheted garland with stars…..lovely! What made me think that I was the one who could receive this gift were the words…"last week I also sent an envelope far away"…. Silly, but honestly Indonesia is really far away from Holland, no? ;oD

Do you wanna see what I did find in the above mentioned parcel?
Please, have a look …..

How wonderful is that?

Not only a lovely starry garland…

….But even a handmade felt heart with dutch colours….

….and a lovely hand written card….

…such a sweet girl Tinie !!!!! You can meet her just visiting her blog Crea Tinie : a colourful lovely place where to go!!! ;oD

About the garland…..I'm wearing it as a necklace….!!!!…..

…..may I say, not a bad idea!!!!!
Love from Indonesia,

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Thanks for your lovely words. You're great. Enjoy the garland!! Love from Holland Tinie

  2. What a lovely gift to receive. Love the star garland - looks nice as a necklace on you. :)

  3. The stars and you are made for each other.

    And indeed is is so much fun receiving a parcel from abroad.
    (from anywhere really).

    P.S. I have the same T-shirt (with and blue stripes and also one the other way around) Just love to wear it.

  4. It's a lovely garland.....would also look good on the Christmas tree??? :) x

  5. it was made for you!! just right. A lovely gift, Heather x

  6. I have see them on the blog from Tinie. Very Nice. Nice for you , you have à blogfriend in Holland .

  7. Gorgeous garland.......what a lovely surprise parcel!
    Happy weekend, Ale!
    Helen x

  8. Lovely necklace, super!!! And this heart is so nice too!

  9. Lucky you :-)
    That's a very nice string.


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