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A sling bag !!!

During my short summer "holiday" in Italy, I kept  both my mind and hands busy while crocheting some net bags (here) ….
Few days after our arrival in Maputo, I started to crochet one more bag, because I needed a small sling bag to wear during my morning walks and big enough to bring in my mobile phone, the keys of the apartment and a packet of paper tissues ….. I was still waiting for our container from Indonesia, where some useful bags have been packed in ….

I completed the bag this morning and the container will arrive tomorrow afternoon …. ;oD !!!!!

I used a 4mm hook to crochet two granny squares ( made of 15 rounds each,  joined with the "join as you go method"), working with two strands of cotton (baker's twine effect) : the first square made is white and navy blue, while the second square is white and lime green.
The pattern for the granny square was found HERE ! (they are grannies with slightly slanted sides !)

After joining the two parts together, I didn't how to finish the bag !!!! I was sure I didn't want any lining, because I liked the "hole effect" given by the chain-1 spaces, but : how to complete the border ? and moreover : which kind of sling ???? I often don't like crocheted handles or slings. In fact, I tolerate (a strong word, I know) crocheted handles only in net bags …. What to do then ????

For the edging of the bag, I decided to keep it very simple :
first row : a full row of single crochets
second row : every 3 single crochets,  I made a small picot of 3 chains ….
…. even this time : 4mm hook + 2 strands of cotton worked together (red/hot pink)

Browsing on Pinterest, I found a pattern/tutorial (written in Italian!) for the handles, that made me think ….. Maybe THAT is good for my bag …. Uplifted, I started to crochet a colourful sling ….

When completed this task, I was trying to have an idea how the bag could look like with this braided sling …. just before the sewing part ….

…. so, this morning, I sewed ( I dread that moment all the times!) the sling on the bag …

…. not yet convinced about the sling ( even though I had a lot of fun in crocheting it and while making the braid!!!), but at the end I have something useful to bring around with me !!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. So pretty and colorful!! xo Heather

  2. I think it is rather swishy and fabulous Ale, so funny that you made this and then find out the container is on it's way. Have fun unpacking all your goodies tomorrow...xx

  3. Hello Ale! I l
    ove your creativity, that bag is amazing, a simple idea, yes, but your handle and trims make it extra special!
    Lovely and very useful!
    And of course, I love the colours!!!
    Enjoy your stay!
    Ingrid xx

  4. And yesss.... tomorrow will be a very happy day:) unpacking everything all your things. Have fun and enjoy, lovely bag! byeeeeeeeee Francien

    1. I hope to see all my stuff soon : this waiting has been too long !!!!
      xxxxxxx Ale

  5. I love the bag Ale - and I love the way you crocheted and then braided the handle. Very creative. :)

    1. Thank you Debi : crochet has to be fun !!!!! ;oD
      xxxxx Ale

  6. Totally like your Ale-Bag !! Pretty with all those nice details!,

  7. I hope that your unpacking goes well and that you enjoy rediscovering all your things again! Love the bag too! xx

  8. Very creative bag, and I LOVE those colorful hexagons in that one photo!!
    Kate :}

  9. Really funky beautiful bag!

  10. Very pretty bag, Ale!! The colorful sling looks lovely and it goes very well with the bag.

  11. Brilliant bag! I love the colours - especially the bright green with the white! :-)

  12. Really love your new bag. The sling part is so great!

  13. Gorgeous bag.....I love the colourful plaited strap, so pretty!
    Helen xox

  14. Your new bag is lovely! I am sure it will come handy!

  15. Wow, very nice. I especially love the sling (even you're not convinced yet)! ;-)
    Greetings from Marijke

  16. I love this bag, especially the sling! xx

  17. ♥hello my friend! oo, love your beautiful bag!!! Happy day! xxx Riitta

  18. Great bag Ale! Are you alive and kicking after organising your home? Our container docks in 4 days but it is anyone's guess how long customs will take to rummage through our possessions, clear and deliver. Ah hell, I am so not in the mood to organise . . . but cannot wait to be reunited with my stuff again!

  19. Handy bag you've have made, nice colors and sling, X Chantal

  20. Beautiful bag, Alessandra! Such happy colours.


  21. Groovy bag! love the two tone effect X

  22. Pretty, so colorful!! ♥ Love the green/white combi and the colorful cable :-)

  23. Soooo cute!!! Love how you made the strap!!! Need to make this one :)


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