Saturday, 4 October 2014

My crochet week !!!!

Just little things done for a couple of events in school !

On Tuesday : Hippie Day …

On Friday : International Week …. (not only the Europe bunting !) ….

Following a couple of patterns (here and here), I crocheted a headband with a flower  for myself (in the picture above, the green headband is at the top right corner of the picture)…

… before taking this pic, I was having a little discussion with Tobia … see the happy faces ???

 some flags on big safety pins …

On the closed side of the pin, I used a 4mm hook to work 12 single crochets to start the flag; then for each colour, I crocheted 6 rows using half double crochets. To have a sturdy flag, I worked using 2 threads of same colour for each section.

For my boots, I crocheted a classic granny square (of 3 rounds) to decorate the left boot, while around the right boot, I knotted 3 chains (green, white and red) …

In the meantime, I started to crochet some granny squares (colours chosen by Tobia), for a blanket …

…. little things that kept me busy …. and happy !!!! ;oD

happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra

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  1. So many cute little things! You have been busy! The pendants are my favorite:)
    Happy weekend!

  2. Υes, the pendants are super!!! Che brava sei veramente e quanto carini sono i tuoi figli!!!
    Auguro una bella Domenica!

  3. We said: Ban the Bom! Peace! :) I love it. Hippie time. You are in the crochet flow again, good to see. And nice to see you with your boys, despite the discussion it perhaps took, haha, byebye Francien

    1. …. teenagers….. sometimes they really upset you with silly things!!!! ;oD
      have a good day Francien, xxxxxx Ale

  4. Two very convincing hippies you have there!

  5. It's great that you use your crochet expertise for various celebrations . Your blanket has started off nicely !

  6. Siete troppo simpatici , tu e i ragazzi , penso che oramai avrai fatto pace con Tobia ! Anche questi piccoli rilassanti lavori sono utili , divertiti !
    Un abbraccio

  7. So much fun! thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  8. Hi ale,

    Your boys are getting SO big! They look absolutely Italian and the seem very happy with your crochet. Well done!

    Beautiful picture of the 3 of you (I like the sun on the wall and on your faces)

  9. thank you Brigitte!!!!
    …. they asked me to crochet the necklaces for them!!!! ;oD
    happy sunday, xxxxxx Ale

  10. Ciao Alessandra, complimenti come sempre per le tue creazioni, piccole o grandi che siano, si distinguono per la loro originalità.
    Non ho potuto fare a meno di sorridere per la tua didascalia alla vostra foto, ben venga una piccola discussione se rappresenta un' occasione di crescita e riflessione.
    Un caro saluto
    Maria Luisa

  11. Ciao Maria Luisa!!!!
    mi hai fatta sorridere, pensando alle tue sagge parole ……
    mi fa piacere sapere che continui a gradire i miei lavori : grazie di cuore !!!!
    Buon inizio di settimana, xxxxx Ale

  12. Love it!! Especially the granny squares....always my favorite kind of crochet!!

  13. Great crochet projects! I can't wait to see more of the granny square blanket! Love grannies!
    Kate :}

  14. You certainly have been busy! I hope that international week goes well. xx

  15. Dear Ale, you've been busy. And the picture with your sons I love it. I have sometimes big discussions with mij eldest son and then he looks the same with his grumpy face. Love from Holland, Tinie

  16. Wow! You've been very busy!!! :-)

  17. You had so much to do! Love the hippie necklaces and the Italian flag!

  18. Wow, you have been busy!
    The hippie necklaces are very cleverly done!
    Have a lovely week, xhaafner

  19. Thank you Haafner !!!!!
    happy week to you, too!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale


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