Sunday, 2 September 2012

Make it! Very simple mini crochet bowl!!!

It's funny how little discoveries happen!!!
I had the idea to start to crochet a cushion cover (I think it's a kind of mandatory step in the crochet world!)....So I took a very chunky yarn using the biggest hook I own (at the moment! New hooks on my shopping list now!!!), that is a 6mm (or J/10!) and I started to crochet a flat circle (so I believed...), following the instructions given by the video I mentioned yesterday (here)...

....but something completely different came out from the hooking....a little bowl....!!!!!! ;oD

....Honestly this is not a flat you agree??? eh!eh!eh!eh!

Anyway, I wrote the pattern of this happy mistake and I would love to share it with you all!!
Do you want to have a try, too? Then, follow me!!!

You will need :

  • super chunky yarn, that suggests the use of 10mm hook (UK 000, USA- )
  • a 6mm hook (instead!!!)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a tapestry needle
  • a safety pin (optional), useful to define the first stitch of each round (so you can check the numbers of your stitches at the end of the round!)
I wrote the following Pattern:

start with a slip knot and crochet 2 chains;
in the first chain that you have done, crochet 6 Dc (double crochet in UK terminology)
first round : crochet 2 Dc in each stitch, so that at the end of the round you will have 12 stitches
second round : You have to increase in every second stitch : in first stitch 1 Tr (treble crochet), 2 Tr in the second stitch. Repeat this scheme until you reach the last stitch of this round (18 stitches)
third round : Increase in every third stitch :1 Tr in first stitch, 1 Tr in second stitch, 2 Tr in third stitch. Repeat till the end (24 stitches)
fourth round : Increase in every fourth stitch : 1 Tr in first stitch, 1 Tr in second stitch, 1 Tr in third stitch, 2 Tr in fourth stitch. Repeat till the end (30 stitches)
fifth round : Increase in every fifth stitch :1 Tr in first stitch, 1 Tr in second stitch, 1 Tr in third stitch, 1 Tr in fourth stitch, 2 Tr in fifth stitch. Repeat till the end (36 stitches)
sixth round : 1 Tr in each stitch (36 stitches)

You can fasten off  and trim the ends!!!

Before starting to crochet, check if you know how to :

  • make a slip knot
  • make a foundation chain
  • crochet a double crochet (Dc) stitch
  • crochet a treble crochet (Tr) stitch
  • work in rounds
  • fasten off
  • trim the ends
I'm not showing you each step of this project, this time. But, if you have any problem or question, please feel free to contact me here !!!!

Just some pictures to show off my tiny creation (diameter 10cm; height 7cm)...

....maybe, you could crochet two "bowls" and sew them together, so you would have a soft toy or a cute ornament !!!! It's up to you and your creative fantasy!!! Have fun in doing it!!

Today, I'm joining Sara at creative jewish mom !!! You are welcome, too!!!

See you soon, xxxxx


  1. This how my crochet ended up, it was meant to be flat! Yours looks great! Ada :)

  2. Hi dear Alessandra, You know my English is not so good to understand well or tell something good.. But When I was reading your post now, I understand so good all your nice words and I smile when I understood what had happened..:)
    You tell so lovely..:))
    You have nice crochet bowls..:)) But I must say you are very talented I think. Because you learn all crochet by watching crochet videos.. Yes this is wonderful that you are talented...
    All best wishes..

  3. I had a little chuckle to myself when I read the beginning of your post! anyway it's a very happy mistake. I might give it a go this evening. Thanks for the pattern, Heather x

  4. Now the question is, what to put in the bowl????

  5. Oh that's so cute in these colors! Thanks for sharing :-))

  6. What a happy little mistake! Thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!


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