Saturday, 1 September 2012

...A new necklace!!!

Just after viewing this video tutorial by Catherine Hirst (How To Crochet A Circle), I immediately started to crochet these...

...What for???
Just look carefully at the following pic...

I had fun in embellishing each circle ...

....and yes, there are even some pics of the assembling process...

A friend of mine (!!!) gently offered herself to model the necklace (thank you my dear!)...

This was not a quick project, but I really enjoyed the making of it!!!
Well, with this necklace around my neck, I'm going to have fun at the following parties : here and here !!!

See you soon,  xxxx


  1. Incredible blast of colour and isn't it wonderful how versitile crochet is....something so simple as a crochet round can be made up into such a lovely necklace......welldone it looks startling :-)

    Amanda :-)

  2. so pretty !
    Greetings from Poland,

  3. Fantastic Alessandra! Love the way you've used all the different beads and buttons - looks great :) :)
    Alison x

  4. Alessandra, this is gorgeous! So happy and bright!
    Wish you a nice weekend,


  5. these are lovely, what a treasure, each one cute and matched. Well done for your lovely piece! Heather x

  6. Hi dear Alessandra, This necklace is again amazing..:)) All colors and beads are perfect.. And I like this necklace again..:))
    Happy weekend....

  7. Hi Alessandra, I wondered why I didn't see you on my blog roll, now I will as I am now following you! I'm not sure why my picture does not open up? on your list. perhaps there's something I need to do? Heather

  8. These are just so beautiful, I really want to learn to crochet.
    Thank you for your lovely message you left on my blog.

  9. This necklace is very gorgeous, cute, beautiful. I don't like crocheted jewels, but if you add something else to the yarn or the finished item such as glass or wooden beads, buttons, silver or golden chains you've something different and interesting. Visit my site, I posted some of the jewels I did and tell me if you like them.

  10. It's gorgeous, it really is, a true statement piece. Love it :D

  11. Wonderful idea, your necklace is a dream!

  12. Absolutely fantastic! So beautiful and vibrant! Ada :)

  13. That's a very original necklace! I love the colours :)

  14. One Word: wonderful!
    Xoxo Miriam

  15. How pretty and I love the beaded edges.

    Nina x

  16. Beautiful! I want one!!!

  17. It's beautiful! I never learned how to crochet - byt maybe it's not too late!

  18. It's beautiful! I never learned how to crochet - byt maybe it's not too late!

  19. Such a cute and truly unique piece!! It definitely looks like a lot of time went into it!


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