Monday, 3 September 2012

Tobia is 10 today!!!!!

...this is Tobia in Ras Sudr (Egypt) in October 2004....He was only 2 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...And now he is 10 years old......!!!!!!

You are bigger.....your first time with 2 figures in your age number......
You are a sweet guy, but sometimes life with you can be so tough.....
You are smart, sensitive and a little bit touchy.....
I've learnt a lot of things from you : my limits and and endless love for you!!!

Buon Compleanno, piccolotto!!!
Un mondo di bene
la tua mamma xoxo


  1. Happy birthday Tobia! I like your yoga tree pose! lovely family pictures of your guys. have a good day! Heather x

  2. oooh.. Happy birthday Tobia, And congratulations Alessandra and your sweet family..:)) GOD bless all of you...
    All sweet wishes...

  3. Happy birthday Tobia.... dont they grow up so fast??? Such a gorgeous boy!

  4. Happy Birthday Tobia, hope you have a great day! Ada :)

  5. Happy Birthday Tobia! I hope you all have a lovely, special day :) :) :)

    Your post has got me feeling quite tearful Alessandra - Oh My! xxxxx

  6. Happy birthday little Tobia - well maybe not so little anymore 'gosh' ten is such a good age to be.

    Nina x

  7. He reminds me of my little one who doesn't like having his picture taken. :)

    He seems like a very sweet (and cute) boy! Happy 10th birthday to you Tobia!

  8. HaPpY BiRtHdAy Tobia!!!!! :)

  9. How sweet...happy birthday Tobias from Spain :-)

    They grow far far too fast!!!

    A x

  10. Belated happy birthday, Tobia, may all your dreams come true!!
    By the way, my son also became 10 years old just 2 month ago ;-)


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