Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Last Sunday....

we were in "our" swimming pool....

....and it was lovely!!!!

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. What fun...and I love that green moss! So pretty.
    Lucky you to have such nice weather to take a swim in September...happy fall to you. Thank you for visiting me the other day.

  2. It looks fantastic. Summer were we live is long gone and a long winter (with plenty of time for crafts) is waiting us. Thank you for your ever so cheerful and encouraging comments on our website!

  3. I can't even remember what a swimming pool feels like :o( let alone the sun...all gone for another year here in Blighty, you are a lucky lady Alessandra xx

  4. I've got a swimming pool too, it's called my back garden and heavy rain!! Prefer yours!!! Ada :)

  5. how lovely! I put up a huge paddling pool during a heatwave in may and now its turned into a mossy pond! The hot weather never really came back this year. I will have to take it down before it freezes! one of those jobs you never get round too, Enjoy your pool!! Heather x

  6. Is that moss?!! If so that is the coolest moss I've ever seen... ever! :)

  7. It looks lovely too. I wish it wan't so cold here.

    Nina x


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