Saturday, 29 September 2012

"" KEEP OUT"" (from "my" room)!!!

No worries, none is upset!!! You know, I have two boys.....two you know what I mean??? Well, it happens that the "teen" one wishes with all his heart to not have his little brother in his own kingdom, so.... I came out with a simple idea!!!

It all started with some yarn and a pair of knitting needles....

and the thing on the needles turned out to be a little rectangle (21 stitches, moss stitch, 30 rows, needles #5!!)...

From the sofa, where I was sitting & knitting, I saw my little collection of embroidery loops and the idea popped in my mind...

So, I collected the biggest one, some red and white felt from my stash, needles, scissors, cotton threads and a pencil...

...and after some backstitching (and a brief fight with the loop...!!)....

...I cut a skull with his crossbones from a piece of black felt...

I had to choose some right ribbons for the guy, so...B&W was the only choice, I suppose...

With the help of a crafty glue, I fixed the chosen one along the border of the loop...

I knotted (back top) and pinned (back bottom) some black ric rac to let hang the pirate flag (no prisoners...)

Now you can see it hanging on the door of my teen.... know, even the little one wants one sign like this for his room door: revenge, maybe??...Ahoy, Captain!!!

xxxx, Alessandra

P.S.: today I join creative friday !!


  1. Looks pretty cool - it's perfect for a boys room. :)

  2. Cool! Kids really love the things their mom makes for them. Its good, we are actually teaching them to love handmade. Great job! Have a happy and fun filled weekend!
    (First pic is my fav)

  3. Hi dear Alessandra, You always make extraordinay cute things.. And So clever...:))

  4. Oh, I know this one just too well, Alessandra!! What a great solution and so beautifully made - you're a genius, hehe! Have a lovely weekend :):)
    Alison x

  5. I have three sisters and three daughters.
    I know nothing about boys.
    But I do know that that is super clever and super gorgeous. Great work.

  6. Oh Ale, there is only one thing to say - your creativity is so great!
    Wish you a nice sunday...
    Xoxo Miriam

  7. Arrrggg, Matey!

    I love how you added ribbon around the edge of the hoop.

  8. Terrific! It's cool and also funny, great job :-))

  9. what a great keep out sign, very ingenious! hope it works!! Heather x


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