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Make it ! Embellish a basic granny square !!!

....I told you that there was a reason behind this tutorial !!!
Honestly, there are more than one (!!!), but today we start with the first!!!

I think, for a good start, you'll need some yarn...

...just some !!! I love to have a wide choice, when I'm selecting the right combo!!! ;oD

Beside you, keep a pair of scissors, a tapestry needle  and a hook (I'm using a 5,5mm one)!!!

Please, remember that for my crochet, I use the American terminology !!! Thank you!!!

You can follow the instruction given HERE if you still don't have a basic granny square and crochet one to join me in this little and long adventure

Ok! At this point you have a basic granny square !!! From here start the new tutorial!!! Yay!!!

Choose a new colour, because we are going to crochet a


Collect your basic granny square and join the new yarn in  the top right corner space of your square

Wrap the new yarn once around the hook and insert the hook in the 2nd stitch of the first shell

With a tapestry needle I can show you precisely which one is the second stitch

In the hooked stitch,  work 4 double crochet (or 4 DC)

Then, pass the hook under the first chain-1 space and work 1 single crochet (or 1 SC)

Repeat the scallop and the 1 SC join along the sides of your basic granny square !!!!

At the end of your top side, note that the last scallop (the 4th one!) is attached in the second corner space (top left). In the same corner, beside the first join, make a second join : this one will be the starting join for the first scallop on the second side (left one) of your granny! So remember that in each corner space there will be 2 joins!!! ;oD

Go on and on ...

Even the fourth side will be done in a flash, but I have to stop just before the last join

You have crocheted the last scallop of your basic granny square. Now you have to make your last join, that is 1 SC in the first corner of the square, where all started! So, work a 1 SC just beside the first join of our scallop edging

Make a slip stitch to stop your work from unraveling . Trim the ends : Done!!!

Are you curious to know what I did from my basic granny square crocheted in the last post ???

Have a look...

Do you like it???
Do you want to have a try ???
Well, you can do it, too!!!

Now, you'll discover how to


Grab your scalloped square and choose a new colour.  Join the new yarn in the first join stitch of the scallop edging

From this point ,  work a slip stitch in each stitch of your border, so that you will have a flat chain along the edging

In proximity of the single crochet join made in each chain-1 space, you have to work a slip stitch just before and one after the single crochet join

You simply finish this border just when you reach the first slip stitch. Make a new slip stitch to bind off

At this point, we can complete our work making a


Insert your hook between the 2nd and third DC of the top shell of your granny centre

Prepare a new strand of yarn (that is under your granny!) and wrap it around the hook , pull the hook and you'll have a loop in the front

Place the hook in the corner space between the top shell and the left shell

Wrap the yarn once around the hook, pull it back . Now you have 2 loops on your hook

Pass the loop on the left under the the loop on the right (slip stitch). 
You can see on your granny a little chain

Put the hook between the first and the 2nd DCs of the left shell , wrap the yarn and pull the hook. You have again 2 loops...

Then slip stitch and go on in this way

At the end, you will join the space of the first loop done. Insert the hook in the centre of your first chain , wrap the yarn and pull the hook back (2 loops)

Work a slip stitch 

Cut a length of yarn (few cm) and pull it off the hook

Thread the yarn in a tapestry needle. You have to push the needle down through the centre of the adjacent chain (left)

and ...

Have a global look

So we have...

...but what about a third one????

Note that in the following photo you'll see the back of the previous two grannies....

I just wanted to have this "backstitch" effect in the front of my next square, so..

I simply worked the slip stitches from the back!!!! ;oD

Details of the last granny...

All together now !!!!

Now, I wanna hear from you!!!! Love them, as I do???? Let me know : I'm curious!!!!

Before leaving you, I have to thank Ellen from Ellebel for the inspiration !!!! I LOVE her CROCHET!! Thank you !!!

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. Beautiful, Ale!
    Kisses from Catalonia!

  2. Hi Alessandra! These are super gorgeous! Have missed your lovely 'makes' and fun tutorials :) The colours are so 'zingy'! Speak soon I hope :)
    Alison xx

  3. Thank you Ale, they are brilliant! :) x

  4. I embellish my crochet work a lot with this technique - but I never thought of using it at a granny square :) Great idea!

  5. I love your "pimp the granny" and i´ve never made it in that way. Thank you for sharing.
    XO, Martina♥

  6. I love these....such pretty colours Ale, I've never tried that over-stitching so I'm going to give it a go...maybe, sometime... :o) xx

  7. Many thanks for your comments on my previous post. I am always delighted you find the time to visit my blog.

    Excellent Tutorial Alessandra.
    Plenty of visuals and clear,easy to follow instructions.
    This is such a good idea, we've got to keep crochet alive and these type of instant follow and make instructions show beginners just how easy it really is.

    Crochet-may it live for ever :-)

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    I'm going to be recommending this post. :-)

  8. So pretty! Love the colors and the embellishments!

    xxx Lucia

  9. fabulous! how about joining them as you go at the tips of the shells to make a scarf or a table runner? Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  10. Amei gostaria que a página fosse traduzida, pois infelizmente não falo inglês ! Bjus

  11. Gostaria que tudo fosse traduzido e português ,pio não falo inglês .bjus

    1. to help you, there is a google translate button on the top left of my blog !!!!!
      xxxxxx Ale


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