Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ok!! Done!!!

....Yes, the "crochet mystery" is almost solved!!!
Infact, I've just added some velvety beads+buttons with the help of a needle and some beautiful cotton threads from Egypt...

...a better look???....just go on...

....If you are really curious, you can even look them upside down...!!!...

....and in regular position....!!!!...

....But, what are they for????? ;oD

Any idea???....mmmmm.......

....still "mmmm" ???????

Ok! I'll show you, but close your eyes for just few seconds...then....TA-DAH!!!!!!

....Yes!!!! They are glass covers !!!! Did you imagine that???? Let me know!!!!

I wanted to crochet a simple glass cover, because they are usually " too much" for my taste...too many dangling beads, too big holes....

Well, they are pretty simple I think!!!!

Some more?????

Do you fancy them???
Do you fancy my oval coasters?
Do you fancy Japanese Crochet Books, as the following ones?

....If your answer is YES to all 3 the previous questions, well stay tuned and come back tomorrow :
you are all really welcome!!!!! ;oD

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Wow, would never have guessed Ale.......I thought coasters for sure or my second guess would've been some sort of bunting.
    Gorgeous coloured glass covers......

    Claire x

  2. Oh how clever - I really like your glass covers. Very, very nice. :)

  3. So cute and clever!!! And, yes I do! See you tomorrow! xo Heather

  4. They're lovely, keep those pesky flies from drinking your alcohol! :) x


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