Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Craft-A-Day : Penguin Week !!!

.....Who doesn't love penguins??? They are so special, so peculiar birds!!!! Love them!!!

Even this week (17th week, by the way!!),  SARAH has some lovely crafty ideas to share....

  • a Plush Penguin

  • a Mini Penguin Topper
  • a Felt Penguin Ornament

  • a Penguin Gift Tag

  • a Framed Penguin Art

  • a Penguin Cake Topper
  • a Penguin Garland

... Ready??? I am!!! So let's have fun together!!!!

If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!!
If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this post or just scroll to the top and click on Craft-A-Day Year Project tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)! Thank you !!!

xxxx Alessandra


  1. Aww, so cute Miss Ale!! xo Heather

  2. Love the penguins, Ale! And love seeing how creative you always are too!
    Helen x

  3. So sweet...something about penguins. xo


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