Friday, 12 April 2013

My sweet chubby butterfly !!!!!

It all started because I wanted to play with some colours.....

...and I crocheted a drop and something rectangular....

....these "anonymous" things soon became her....!!!!....

....a sweet chubby butterfly!!!!

....she cannot fly, but she can come with me wherever she likes...

I couldn't stop to take pictures of her....

....she was playing around with this little flower...

Enjoy the weekend!!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

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  1. You are soooo creative, your chubby butterfly is pretty!

  2. Beautiful Butterfly! Sorry forgot to choose which set for the giveaway...set one please, I'm hoping our summer will be a hot one, drinks outside and we don't want those flies or wasps to get in do we! :) x

  3. Awww - your chubby butterfly is so cute. :)

  4. Oh that's put a smile on my face! you are so good at finding fun, colourful things! Heather x

  5. Very clever :D

    I saw a real butterfly yesterday ... they're finally waking up here.

  6. Cute!! Hope you enjoy your weekend too!!
    Kate :}

  7. Love your tropical butterfly.......colourful chubbiness :-)
    I won't participate in your giveaway as gorgeous as it is because I won your last one. I'll just wish lots of luck to all your other followers who have entered.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. Your chubby butterfly is cute!! Love her colourful wings :)

  9. She is so cute! A nice mother's day gift, may be from a mom to her daughter! :)


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