Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Catania Grande Project #2

...As told you last week (here!!!), our "Catania Grande" meetings are held every Wednesday on

What about my table runner???

Some pictures to show my crocheting progress...!!!!....
If I'm not wrong, I left you with the 3rd round completed...

...this is the 4th round (hot pink)...

....the 5th round (red)...

I forgot to take pictures of the 6th round (hot pink)....sorry!!!!

...then we have the 7th round (green)..

...the 8th round (red)...

.... round 9 (hot pink)...

...and for the moment, I've even completed round 10 (red)...

The idea is to complete, between two rounds of green, a pattern of five stripes with red and hot pink alternating...
So I still need to crochet one more both red and hot pink stripes, before to have a new green one!!!

In the meantime, I note everything on my little book...a pattern is forming, little by little!!!! ;oD

Please note that, for a time zone issue, I'm posting my project before the other two ladies!!!
I'll update their links asap, when I'll be informed that their posts will be ready, too!!!
Sorry for the inconvenience !!!!

See you next week!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

P.S. Maaike's link is updated now!!!!
        even Marie-Therese is updated!!!!



  1. Beautiful!! L♥ve the colors :-)). I think it would look stunning on a dark wooden table (these Indonesian colonial style ones)!

  2. Ciao Alessandra
    Trovo il tuo blog molto bello e ti faccio i miei complimenti!
    Da oggi sono una tua nuova follower ... se ti va passa da me ... ti aspetto. :-)
    Bye, bye Elli

  3. Hey Ale, I'm just loving this colour combo, so bright and cheery.
    it's growing quickly ........

    Claire x

  4. Nice bright colours, Alessandra! Really a lovely yarn.

  5. Your creation is fresh, bright and cheerful, really looking good.

  6. Love the bright colours you have used, and the yarn looks lovely!
    Helen x

  7. Looking good! Love the colors!
    Kate :}

  8. Hello Ale
    Looks lovely. Never put two and two together and got it that you are the lucky one doing the yarn experiment over at Maaike's. It looks lovely. Enjoy!
    My Rose Valley

  9. It is coming out nicely and definitely better than the previous one. :)


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