Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Catania Grande Project #3

Here we are again!!!! So lovely to meet you all for a new appointment with Catania Grande Project !

This Wednesday arrived so quickly!!! But no worries, my crocheting is going on and just few rows to add and my table runner will be completed for next week...with the pattern!!!!!

Before starting the new rounds, I wanted to take more photos of my table runner still at round 10...

my beautiful "assistant"....<3

....but now, we can move on!!!

Round 11, in hot pink....

....just few stitches before the end of the round, I needed to use a new ball... may want to have a look at the back ...

...I really like to take a lot of pics of the details.....

...with red, a new round : 12 (!!!)....

...just at the end of the first rounded side, I had to add the new yarn!!!

Round 12 completed...

...eventually, round 13, in green....

...completed and folded in half...

...and these are the balls I still have to work with....

See you next week with the tutorial and the table runner done!!!! YAY!!!!

xxxx Alessandra

Wanna see the other Catania Grande Projects posts ???? Please : here and here !!! thank you!

Please note that, for a time zone issue, I'm posting my project before the other two ladies!!!
I'll update their links asap, when I'll be informed that their posts will be ready, too!!!
Sorry for the inconvenience !!!!


  1. Lovely and colourful table runner!!

  2. Oh I love that design - so bright and cheery. Much needed on a grey day like today.

  3. I love it Ale - it's coming out so nice, bright and pretty. :)

  4. It is getting prettier and bigger! :)

  5. So very pretty and cheerful!! xo Heather

  6. Looking great! I could see this pattern making a lovely rug as well... :)
    Kate :}

  7. It js gorgeous, Ale! I loooooove it! And I love too your granny tutorial. Kisses!


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