Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Catania Grande Project !!!!

......a lot of posts have announced this moment ( a long list here and the arrival of the parcel here !!!) and now I can show what is happening in the backstage of homemade@myplace.....!!!!!!

Eventually, I find the courage to work with cotton, instead of wool or acrylic yarns....I got out from my comfort zone....not easy, because I always was considering cotton yarn as trouble...too stiff, not nice to work with it.....acrylic and wool are so pleasant, instead, so flexible and know what I mean, yes?

Anyway, last week, I grabbed my tools (5mm hook, scissors and yarn needle) and the Catania Grande cotton, that Maaike kindly sent to me.... first step was to read carefully the inside and outside of the yarn sleeves...

....."(...)many positive characteristics(...)"....mmmm......maybe, I thought, it will not be the end of the world if I try it.....

.....So, I collected my hook and the green ball (...keeping my fingers crossed...metaphorically speaking!)....and....

....yes! Love at first touch!!!

After the first chains, I was in love with it!!!

The cotton didn't split or twist and it slid smoothly along my hook!!!!!! ;oD What a nice surprise!!!

So, with relief, I started officially my oval table runner with some DCs (I follow the US crochet terms) and .... has to be stripy,

...after the fist green round, I chose to continue with the hot pink....

....and with some red for the 3rd round...

.....and the "nice thing" is growing and growing......

A new update will follow in a week, precisely next Wednesday the 10th of April!!!

Remember that the Catania Grande Project has other two active members :

  • Marie-Therese, who is crocheting a granny poncho for her little daughter
  • Maaike, who is crocheting a baby blanket and who is the hostess of this happy adventure!
Please note that, for a time zone issue, I'm posting my project before the other two ladies!!!
I'll update their links asap, when I'll be informed that their posts will be ready, too!!!
Sorry for the inconvenience !!!!

xxxx Alessandra

P.S.: Maaike's link has been updated!!!! ;oD


  1. It looks already very nice Alessandra!
    I have sent my give away parcel to you yesterday. It should take about 8 to 10 days to come to you. I hope you'll receive it then.

    Greetings, Ellebel

  2. The yarn looks awesome! Good luck for your project! :)

  3. Hey Ale, so glad you like the cotton yarn....the green is such a gorgeous colour .
    The colours you have used remind me of watermelon....yum.....all the best with it.

    Claire x

  4. You are like the superman of quick! :) x

  5. Very nice so far - love the bright colors. :)

  6. I love working with cotton and this looks like a beautiful yarn.

  7. Hmmm just finished a cotton project. There is nothing smoother than cotton!
    Nice work Ale! :)

  8. Great color combination! Looking forward to the next pictures :-)


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