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Make it ! Basic Granny Square !!!

....How many tutorials/patterns/charts out there for a granny square????
I know!!!! But version was still missing!!! Right? ;oD
Nothing so special or different. This is the way I crochet my granny squares.
I desire to share even this with you, so let's start!!!

You'll need few things :

  • 1 hook (any size that matches with the yarn you choose)
  • some yarn leftovers 
  • a pair of scissors
  • a yarn/tapestry needle
My basic granny square will consists of 4 rounds and that's why I will work with 4 different colours!
I'm hoping that this pattern/photo tutorial will be good even for beginners, even if, I have to confess, this tutorial is not written for them (sorry for that!). If there is any problem/question, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment at the end of this post or by writing me an email ! Thank you!

I like to inform you that there are good video tutorials on YouTube about crochet and they are a valid resource to look at when in trouble!!! ;oD

Please note that I use American crochet terms to explain my work!


Collect the hook and the yarn that you would love to see in the centre of your granny square.
Make a slip knot and pull the yarn tight

Then chain 5 (the bump before your first chain is the slip knot)

Make a slip stitch in the first stitch of the chain to form a ring

This means that you have to insert your hook in stitch #1, wrap the yarn around your hook and pull the yarn through both the loops! The ring is done

Round one :

Now chain 6 : the first 3 chains are considered as 1 double crochet (or DC) and the other 3 chains form the first corner of your granny square

Work 3 DC into the ring . This is your first group of dc, also known as 3 DC shell or just shell

Every double crochet is done like that : wrap the yarn around the hook, push the hook in the centre of the ring, wrap yarn around the hook, pull the hook and yarn back through the ring (you'll have 3 stitches on your hook now), wrap the yarn around the hook, pull the yarn in the first two stitches (you'll have 2 stitches on the hook), wrap the yarn around the hook and pull this yarn through these 2 stitches! Done!

Chain 3 and work 3 DC into the ring (second corner and second shell of your square)

Again : chain 3 and 3 DC into the ring (third corner and third shell of the granny)

Guess what?? Chain 3 and 2 DC (your first DC is where you did your first 6 chains : remember?)

The fourth corner of your square is done! Your fourth shell is there, too

Join with a slip stitch into the top of the chain 3

Insert the hook where the above arrow tells you to

and slip stitch 

Cut the yarn and slip stitch again, then trim the ends. I trim in the ends each time I complete a round! 

Round one is done!

Round two :

Start with a new colour in any corner space of your little square!
Attach the yarn, chain 3, 2 DC (these 3 stitches form a shell), chain 3 (corner), 3 DC
You'll have something like this

Then, chain 1 (this create a chain-1 space) and in the next corner space : 3DC, chain 3, 3DC

Go on!!! 

Chain 1 and in the corner space : 3DC, chain 3, 3DC

Chain 1 and 3DC, chain 3, 3DC in last corner space

Chain 1 and look where to slip stitch (remember : join with a slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain 3 !!!)

Pass the hook in it and slip stitch! Done!!!

Round three :

Pick your third colour and join it in any corner space, where you : chain 3, work 2DC, chain 3, work 3 DC. Then, chain 1  and work 3DC in the chain-1 space

chain 1 and work in the second corner space as in the first one

See?? On one side of the granny you have 2 chain-1 spaces now!!! 
chain 1,  work a shell (3DC!) in the chain-1 space, chain 1, and in the 3rd corner space 3DC, chain 3, 3DC
Again : chain 1, work 3DC in the chain-1 space, chain 1 and in the last corner space : 3DC, chain 3 and 3DC
chain 1, make a shell and chain 1

slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain 3....round 3 is completed, too!!!

Round four :

Instead of starting in any corner space, this time I want to show you another way to start a round in a granny square! If you don't like it, feel free to follow the previous method! The fact is that sometimes it's better to know something more to have the opportunity to choose what really fancy you!!!

Join the new yarn in the chain-1 space just before the left corner space and chain 4 (the first 3 chains are for the DC, while the fourth one is for the chain-1 space!), then as usual, 3DC, chain 3, 3 DC in the corner space

and go on : chain 1, 3DC in chain-1 space, chain 1, 3DC in chain-1 space, chain 1 and make corner 2: 3DC, chain 3, 3DC
Repeat 2 more times this pattern, till you complete corner 4 !!!
Then : chain 1, 3DC in first chain-1 space, chain 1 and 2 DC in second chain-1 space (where you have just reached the beginning 3chains!)

In the above picture the last 2DC are still missing....!!!!
Remember to join with a slip stitch into the top of the beginning chain 3 : your basic granny square is finally done!!! ;oD

I hope I've been not so confusing!!!!
I was really nervous while writing this photo tutorial.....!!!!
Please, let me know how good or bad it is!!! Thank you!!!

Soon, I'll show you why I did this tut!!! Be patient...;oD

xxxx Alessandra

Today link : Creative Friday !!! 


  1. It is a very nice photo tutorial!

    Love the colors you used!


  2. Ciao Ale, mi piace , ti sono venute bene le fotografie e i colori a contrasto fanno capire a tutti i punti di cambio.Secondo me è il modo migliore per iniziare, anche le principianti possono provare.
    Deliziosi granny,buona giornata

  3. Isn't it funny how one of the simplest things in crochet can be done so differently by different people! Looks great!
    Kate :}

  4. Guess I've never seen such a clear granny tutorial! Thanks, Ale <3


  5. YES! yours was missing.

    thank you!
    pinned it... ;)


  6. Granny square is one of my favourite crochet motif. Nice photo tutorial :) Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hey Ale, great tutorial, like the different way of joining in Round Four.....very informative, well done.
    Love the bright colours you chose, now I'm wondering why you posted this. 'tis a mystery, soon to be revealed.
    Have a great weekend,

    Claire X

  8. Love it! <3 Imo there are not enough granny tuts on the web!!! ;D hihi, I'm planning one myself....
    I love your crochet instructions, don't you want to join my link-up collection "The crochet family"?

    xxx Lucia

  9. Very nice tut and I will add to to my crochet group on FB, somebody asked again just yesterday.

  10. Brilliant! This is so useful!! thank you Ale :D

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  12. Hiya, thanks so much for the tutorial. I am currently teaching myself to crochet and found your post more helpful. I was able to make my first ever granny square!!

    Hope you don't mind but I have posted a link back to your tutorial on my blog =)

  13. Bellissima.come si fa il pizzo attorno alla copertina?

    1. Grazie !!!!
      Ti suggerisco di curiosare in questo post :
      xxxxx Ale

  14. you have the BEST tutorials I have found!!! Thank you so much!! (The fox is my next project--breaker during large afghan projects) :)

  15. This was awesome. 10/10 seriously. Iv always struggled with crochet and you made it so I could follow, keep up and progress, with out feeling stupid or confused! I loved this, thank you 😊 x

    1. so happy this tutorial was so useful!!!!!
      xxxx Ale


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