Wednesday, 15 September 2021


 Here I am again with a new project for the week : some geometric jewellery!

A very quick make, which needs a little amount of yarn, so you can consider it as a stash buster and it`s a great idea if you need to prepare some precious gifts for Christmas time... Birthdays are perfect, too!!!

  • Rowan summerlite dk , 50g, 100%cotton, 130m, in following shades : rouge, linen, plaster,ocean and summer. Obviously, you don`t need to buy this cotton : any dk cotton from your personal stash will do!
  • 3,5mm hook
  • scissors/yarn needle/tape measure
  • earring fish hooks and jump rings/ small amount of waxed cord or similar
  • white glue/brush/foam tile/pins
Skill level : confident beginner/intermediate
Dimensions : 10cm (L) x 6cm (W)
I follow the US crochet terminology!


Make a slip knot on your hook and chain 2.
Row 1(RS): 2sc in 2nd chain from hook, 1ch, turn [2sts]
Row 2: 1sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [3sts]
Row 3: 2sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [4sts]
Row 4: 3sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [5sts]
Row 5: 4sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [6sts]
Row 6: 5sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [7sts]
Row 7: 6sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [8sts]
Row 8: 7sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [9sts]
Row 9: 8sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [10sts]
Row 10: 9sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch, turn [11sts]
Row 11 (RS): 10sc, 2sc in last st, 1ch and rotate the triangle down right so to have the left side as your new base to crochet around [12sts]

Row 12 (RS): work 12sc evenly distributed along this side, working the first one in the space between last two sc of row 11 and the last one in the same chain of first sc of row 1, 1ch, turn [12sts] 
Row 13 (WS): 10sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [11sts]
Row 14: 9sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [10sts]
Row 15: 8sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [9sts]
Row 16: 7sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [8sts]
Row 17: 6sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [7sts]
Row 18: 5sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [6sts]
Row 19: 4sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [5sts]
Row 20: 3sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [4sts]
Row 21: 2sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [3sts]
Row 22: 1sc, sc2tog, 1ch, turn [2sts]
Row 23 : sc2tog, fasten off [1st]

Weave in all ends.

In the above picture you see the diamond motif completed, ready to become a piece of jewellery!

You can decide to use just one shade or maybe more... and the results can be so different, as you can see from the next picture

... and you can even have a version with stripes, too 

This last design implies you have to change colour at the end of each row and need to carry the unused yarn, as in tapestry crochet!

To have a couple of earrings, simply crochet two diamonds, then add the jump rings at the top. Before closing the rings attach the fish hooks and they are done!

You can decide to have a necklace, too, so in this case instead of fish hooks, simply knot a waxed cord around the jump ring as in next picture

You can use even some metallic yarn to reach a festive look ...

TIP : maybe you need to stiff each motif before wearing your jewellery pieces. Pin the motifs (WS facing you) on a foam tile. Prepare a solution made of 50% water and 50% white glue. Brush it on the motifs and let them dry completely before use!

... You can even make coasters from this pattern, as you can see..

To have a coaster it`s very simple :
You need to follow the pattern from row 1 to row 23 for the first two triangles [see below pic] as the coaster is an hexagon made out of 6 triangles. The other four triangles are made just following the pattern from row 12 to row 23 four times !!! So you will have to work triangle 3 [see below picture] four times and you start each one after a rotation (as made between triangle 1 to 2) :

As usual, if you make one or two please let me know!!
Thank you, xxxx Ale

Text, Design and Photography : Alessandra Poggiagliolmi
All Rights reserved. No part of this pattern may bereproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder.

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