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Beauty is where you find it # 29/12 !!!

....Some weeks ago, I was collecting out the dishes from the dish washer and the vivid colours of these plastic cups made me run to grab my camera to take a couple of pics... What do you think? Are these colours "candy" enough to enter the weekly photo challenge at  luzia pimpinella  ? We'll see!!! see you soon, xxxx

Back to my JK strolls!!! reasons to delay my walks anymore!! Sunshine and a not so humid weather give me a good push to be out in the streets! Happy about that??? I really was!!! See you soon, xxxx

One Lovely Blog Award!!!

...Just few days ago, I've been honored with my second blog award!!!! It was given to me by the lovely Evi at  Sexta Feira  !!!! Honestly I don't know why, but I think she likes my blog!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVI !!!! Now starts the terrible part: I have to nominate 5 blogs for this same award....I would love to add more than five, but I hope to win other awards just to have the opportunity to nominate other fabulous blogs!!! This time : Kristen at  Cozy Things Becky at  hopscotch lane Annette at  my rose valley Annie at  knitsofacto Kate at  Signed with an Owl My compliments girls!!! see you soon, xxxx

A "necked"(eh!eh!eh!) granny!!!

What should you do with a vivid granny square... ...and a huge selection of colourful buttons????? simply (sure?) pick the ones you like most to stitch on your granny square!!!! First, I've knotted a string (a bright yellow shoe string, in this case!) at one corner... ... then, select one button at a time and shoot all the choices, so you would be able (still sure?) to choose the perfect combination... ... I think that after a short while you'd better to stop (!) and choose the winning idea....this one, maybe? Ok, now grab some cotton threads to sew the buttons on the granny... ... and opla'(!!!): Obviously (who could stop me?), I've added some little extras : blue wooden beads, little pink glass beads and a couple of mini pink bells (at the bottom of the pendant)....!!! ...and around the neck.... Well, I'm done here! You can find my granny square necklace even  here