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Summer "scarves" !!!!

Before leaving Maputo for our summer holidays in Italy, I started (and completed!) some other little projects… I have a passion for circles, so I crocheted a big pile of them … … and when I decided it was enough, I began to join them with a colourful simple border with picots … …. so at the end I obtained a kind of necklace/scarf as you can see me trying it on … I made even another one, but with a white border : this time the final effect was more "cold" … … and my mum took that one !!!! mine! mum's! I did even an experiment with some pink and red diamonds … … and when I added the green border, this necklace/scarf reminded me the tail of a kite, don't you think? I made even a proper scarf (!!!!), just following  the Arctic Scarf  pattern by Sarah London … Happy Weekend, xxxx Alessandra Today links :  Link your Stuff! ,  Busy Fingers Showing Off #97  and  Craft Schooling Sunday

Hi Girls!!!!!

It has been a while, right? ;oD I've enjoyed my summer holiday back in Italy in June and July (just one week was spent in Edinburgh : beautiful and cold!!!!) and the boys, the hubby and I were back in Maputo at the beginning of August, as the school was starting again the 11th….  So we are all back to our routines : boys in school, hubby at work and I back to my blog!!!! We have just moved in our 3rd apartment here in Maputo ( yes 3 moves in one year!!!!) and maybe for this reason my blogging will have some hiccups in the next couple of weeks … you know some boxes need to be unpacked…. well, you know what I mean! I just wanted to show you today some crocheted gifts I made this summer in Italy : are you interested??? Hope so !!!! At the end of July it was the birthday of my niece Mara, so she was born under the Leo zodiac sign… In the same days there was the brutal killing of Cecil, the majestic lion of Zimbabwe… so this is what I made, thinking at both of them, Mara and C

Make it ! 3 Ovals Wrist Warmers !!!

Do you remember these ones ??? You can click  here  to refresh your memory …. ;oD Some friends asked me if it was possible to have an idea on how to crochet these simple, but original gauntlets …. … well, I've prepared a photo tutorial/pattern for you to follow and make your own pair of wrist warmers !!!! Are you smiling and clapping your hands for the excitement ? You have to! YOU WILL NEED : a crochet hook ( 4mm ) some yarn ( I decided to crochet my wrist warmers with MODA Vera MARVEL 8ply 100% acrylic ) stitch markers ( at least 4 of them, max 8 ) a pair of scissors a yarn needle I follow the US crochet terminology! Each wrist warmer is made of 3 ovals, that are joined together using the "join as you go method" in the same way I did  here ,  here  and  here , with a slight variation : for this project I chose to insert the hook under both loops of the same stitch (not only the back loop). I think that the following pattern is not suitable for b