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A Scandinavian motif and something else …..

When in Italy for the Summer Holiday, I bought some (!!!!) books and one of them was  150 Scandinavian Knitting Designs  by Mary Jane Mucklestone … Well, maybe one day I will KNIT something from this book, but at the moment I just CROCHETED a single motif (on page 114) …. I was still in the second-last apartment and my yarn stash was very limited, so that's why the colours combo…. you know, I'm not a great fun of yellow, but I used it for this scandinavian pixelated experiment … While thinking about a proper border for the Scandinavian lady, I was distracted by another project, simple and really decorative for the home (they are all hanging now from the closets knobs in our new flat!) … …. our  actual closets are white, but in both cases (on black/on white), the decoration really pops out some more colourful versions … …. a group picture with the Scandinavian lady … Eventually, I decided for a simple scalloped edging

Edinburgh, 18 July 2015 ...

…. why this date??? Simply because I have pics of our week in Edinburgh from our first day only …. Why? The photos that will follow on this post were taken with my DSLR camera, while the remanent ones were taken with my smartphone, that was stolen (or lost? Still a big mystery!) a couple of weeks ago … I didn't downloaded the pictures from my smart device  …. so a part of my sweet memories went lost, forever…. SIGH … … luckily a big smile was back on my face when I looked at was left about our great week in Edinburgh…. better than nothing, right? ;oD Every morning, after having a nice breakfast at  Loudon's Cafe , we used to walk to our daily destination... … In our case, it was The National Museum of Scotland … After the visit at the museum, we ventured again along the streets in downtown… … and back to our apartment, in front of the living room windows, we