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Japanese crochet …..

…. a couple of days ago I was looking at this book …. … and I noticed this simple and stunning pattern for a scarf/shawlette …. ….. I was immediately in love with the pattern and the mini tassels, so I started to crochet…. …. But no way I could do it in one colour, so after some rows I introduced a new one … …. and I did it more than once, as you can see …. … and it's still growing, little by little …. …. in the meantime, I started to work with some white and after that I'll crochet the border, to which I'll add the mini tassels …. the colour selected is a neon one!!!!! My  flowers  have to wait for a while, before I go back to them !!!!! ;oD xxxx Alessandra

Our last days in London : Portobello, Camden Town and ….

We left London on the 8th of January and it was not easy to pack our staff to come back to Maputo…. I love London since the first time I visited it : I was just 16 years old then…. Each time I go there I leave a piece of my heart !!!!! During our last week of stay, we went to Portobello Road and Camden Town the same day, while some days later we reached the South Bank and we walked to the London Bridge, the Tower of London and Saint Paul …. we were exhausted, but so delighted!!!!! ;oD Tobia and the loved HMS Belfast... …. bye bye London!!! xxxx Alessandra

Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum, Harrods and the Science Museum !!!!

…. Obviously it didn't happen in the same day !!!!! ;oD Just quick pics of all these places : Covent Garden and the London Transport Museum were so full of people that at a certain point I just put away the camera ….. no patience left!!!!! When in Harrods, Matteo just wanted a pic of the Lego sculpture of Groot and Rocket Racoon, while I found and old game ….. Subbuteo : do you remember it? I used to watch my uncle (he is only 3 years older than me!) playing it when we were kids! The Science Museum was not so far from our Hotel, so one morning we decided to step in…. xxxx Alessandra