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Make It ! The Stabby Granny Tote Bag !!!

As promised on my  Instagram feed  , I'm ready to show you how to make a market bag using the STABBY GRANNY SQUARE , whose pattern can be found on Miki's blog ( HERE ) and on Emily's blog ( HERE ), too !!!!! Emily and Miki have prepared even two free patterns to make something nice and useful from the stabby grannies : a pair of  STABBY GRANNY GLOVES  and a  STABBY GRANNY COWL  !!! I was curious to try the STABBY GRANNY SQUARE  and I was so pleased with the tickness of the fabric... ... that I decided to make a bag, instead !!! I think this idea was even influenced by the  JAPANESE KNOT BAG  I've crocheted almost 10 days ago... But that pattern was not mine (it's from a Japanese crochet book), so I decided to make a similar one, with different granny squares, different handles and a different method of joining !!! ;oD WHAT YOU NEED : - a 4,5 mm hook - a pair of scissors - a yarn needle - stitch markers, useful to point out the stitche

Make it! Mega Oval Scarf !!!

Last year (as last free pattern of 2016!) I gifted you an oval pattern to crochet ( mini colourful pillow ) and right now, as my first free pattern of the new year, I'm offering you a new oval pattern .... ;O)  The funny thing about this work is not the repetition of the oval shape, but the colours choice, as this is not my usual colourful and bright palette, right? I think is a good thing try something different from time to time and having some neutral colours in my stash, I decided this was the right time to put them in good use!!! WHAT YOU NEED :  some chunky yarn ! I've been using the following ones: ZAMBAK by Kartopu shade K1001 (silver grey) ZAMBAK by Kartopu shade K1002  (darker grey) ZAMBAK by Kartopu shade K940  (black) (2 balls) APOLLO by Schachenmayr shade sisal meliert ID #00005  (beige) SPLASH variegated yarn 50 g (50% acrylic, 50% wool) shade 190 (green prevailing) from Italy LUMINO by Moda Vera shade 80280255  (neon yellow) a 5,5 mm hook a

Crochet Japanese knot bag

Hi there!!!! Hope you are all well and I wish you a GREAT 2017!!! We all deserve a good one!!! My last  blog post  is from 7/12/2016 ...... it was time to be back!!!! Today I'm going to show you a little project that took few days to be completed, because of the use of a small number of granny squares and of the simple construction : a Japanese knot bag !!! It all started with a simple granny square ... ... and very soon there was a second one ... ... and joining with the "as-you-go method", there were soon more to crochet the first panel of the bag to be ... ... and in no time we had even the second panel ... Once the two panels were joined, I had to add a simple border along the top (2 rounds of single crochets, US crochet terminology) ... Then, it was time to add the handles (still granny squares, but smaller of one round) with the peculiarity to be asymmetrical ... You have to make the longer