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Coasters !!!!

A couple of days ago, I started to crochet some little things.... be more precise, 6 little things.....with some colourful cotton and a little hook (2,5mm).... ....I decided to add a simple border, to better define them all... ....their purpose???? Look at the next pictures.... What do you think??? :oD These are the balls of cotton I've used to crochet the h a p p y c o a s t e r s ..... xxxx Alessandra Today links :  Link Your Stuff!  and  Craft Schooling Sunday!  !!!

Some HUGE "THANK YOU"s....

....One to my husband for bringing us all to Bali for one entire week!!!!! More photos and details in "very soon" posts..... ....Another one to Ellen , the colourful hostess of  ELLEBEL !!!! While in Bali, I found a comment on one of my posts, in which she was telling me that I won (with other 2 lucky ladies!) her giveaway ( here  and  here )!!!!! Thank you so much Ellen!! Then a big one to Debi , the unstoppable crocheter at  Dly's Hooks and Yarns .... Why???? Have a look and tell me.... ....a parcel full of colourful buttons and a ribbon reel all for me!!!! To say thank you because I visit her thoughtful is all that???? Debi, you really made my day!!! Thank you to be so dear with me!!! xxxxxx And now the biggest thank you to all my Followers  !!!! I never stop to write some lines all for you...sorry for that! What I think of you all??? You really make me happy and give a sense to all this blogging!!!! Thank you for being ou

Last attempt before the real one!!!!!

As you know, I've crocheted some table runners during the last month (  here ,  here ,  here ,  here  and  here  !!!), just to be ready for this important occasion (please, check  Grande Project-3  at  crejjtion !!!)..... Maaike  gave me a kind advice about my table runners attempts : to avoid the curling (and so the blocking process!), I had to put less stitches (and less increasings) on both sides of my table runner... I've followed the clever suggestion, so that I did a new one!!! I found some cotton balls I bought when I was still in Egypt ( Rozetti Naturel Cotton ) and with a 5mm hook I tried again.... Some photos, please.... No more curling!!!!! I was happy, so happy!!! It's a pleasure to learn always some little tricks, that simplify your crocheting lifestyle!!!! ;oD After this good job, I think I deserved my cup of herbal tea with some balinese sweets.....yummy!!! The official table runner, made with the cotton "

Craft-A-Day: Egg Week!!!!

...yesterday a the egg!!!!! On  Sarah's  book (  Craft A Day ) we find different suggestions.... a 3-D Egg Ornament a Felt Egg Ornament a Cracked Egg Card an Egg Garland a Felt Egg Card an Egg Gift Tag  an Egg Card I love eggs!!! Especially the chocolate ones!!!!! If you love to join me in this adventure, please do it and remember that you are really welcome, anytime!!! If you want to read more about this crafty journey, please read this  post  or just scroll to the top and click on  Craft-A-Day Year Project  tab (just under my blog title&description on the right!)!  Thank you !!! xxxx  Alessandra

Chick Week : my crafts !!!

....even if we are in Bali (!!!!!) for this week, I did my homework!!!!! Infact, I brought with me some felt, a needle, some cotton threads (even baker twines!!!), a pair of scissors, some little buttons and the tracing no excuses to not accomplish the task!!! Follow the pictures .... ....but I needed a tassel!!!! no problems at all : tea bags are good even for that!!!! .... My link is  HERE  !!!! xxxx Alessandra

....a Totoro hat!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, my sister Varinia (I've talked about her right here   ) asked me to crochet a Totoro hat for my niece...she sent me a picture with a related link and so ...I did it!! I needed my living model to fix the ears in the right place... ....and then to give you the idea of the hat done!!!! ;oD.... ..... Cara Mara (brief message written in Italian for my niece!) spero tanto che il berretto ti piaccia! Io mi sono divertita molto nel farlo e sono soddisfatta del risultato! Tuo cugino si e' divertito molto a fare da modello e vorrebbe tenersi Totoro per se'..... con <3 zia Ale To crochet this hat I followed this pattern and links : Free crochet pattern : monkey hat  (adult size) found at  mamachee Totoro Hat Medium  by Silver88 on  ravelry and for the ears just follow :  Crochet Bunny Hat Patern  by  Repeat Crafter Me Thank you all for your help in this "Totoro hat adventure"!!!! My pers