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Make it ! My Granny Patchwork Blanket !!!

Hi my Dears !!!!! I'm here for a quick "Hello!" and just to say I'm fine and that last week we moved in the temporary flat… I had to put away most of my yarns, but in the meantime I crocheted a little bit …. 2 mini blankets are right now off my hooks and a new little project is on the way… I found some variegated yarns in my boxes and drawers and I decided to use them in a granny project… … and this is what I came up with … The yarns used were all bought in Jakarta, little by little, just after I learnt how to crochet… I'm not a huge fan of variegated yarns, but sometimes is really good to try something different… What I liked about working with this yarns was that I didn't have to change colours after each round of a granny : the yarn itself did this job for me !!!! Less ends to cut and trim : so relaxing!!! ;oD The project was really quick to complete, as I was working with a 6mm hook and I decided to crochet just a lap blanket, to keep on the