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A colourful crochet shawl for me !!!

In the last two weeks, I've started a couple of projects (both crochet and knitting) and I've completed one of them ... It all started back in Italy, when in a grocery store I found some crochet magazines ... One of them had only patterns from DROPS Design and a shawl caught my attention ( here), but I had to wait to go back to Maputo to start to crochet, as I don't travel, usually, with my yarn stash !!! ;oD Yes, the right yarn was waiting for me in a basket in my studio/dining room in Mozambique ... When back in Africa, just two days from our return, I started to crochet away one of the 21 ( and 7 halves!) motifs needed for my shawl-to-be .... The central motif is given by a simple flower, surrounded by a thick circular frame ... that is included in a square made from chains .... I didn't follow the instructions blindly, as they were telling me to crochet all the motifs first and then sew them together, when the crochet work was done ...

Make it ! A loopy necklace !!!

.... and here it is : my first post of the year!!!! I'm happy to be back, after a long Christmas break in Italy and some fun on Instagram !!!! ;oD As you remember ( here ), I made some handmade gifts for friends and family members and today I've decided to share one of the patterns with you : did you like the crocheted necklaces ??? They were both gifted : one to my mum (the bold turquoise one, because she has beautiful blue eyes) and one to her sister, aka my auntie (the delicate yellow one .... not because of her eyes!!!!). I made one for me (4mm hook and yarn from Sirdar WASH'n"WEAR), too, while checking the pattern for you to follow .... You will need to crochet your own 4mm crochet hook (yellow version)/ 8mm hook (turquoise version) yarn : there are no restrictions! My yellow yarn is from KATIA MERINO BLEND (colour 19), while the turquoise yarn is from SCHACHENMAYR original MERINO SUPER BIG MIX (colour 69) a pair of scissors a yarn need