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Make it! The Lovely Funny Hat !!!

Hi there!!!! It seems I`m not able (or can`t find the time) to be here more regurarly, and I`m sorry for that, as I really love this place of mine... anyway, I made another pattern to share with you all! The idea came to me last year, while working on triangle motifs to figure out a simple heart.. this came out very elongated and I decided to use it for a silly hat, good for both Valentine`s Day and the italian Carnevale, at the end of February...!!! This ridiculous hat is a very quick make and I like the fact it doesn`t need to be stiffened to hold its point up!!! The hat is made of 3 panels (1 upside-down heart and 2 triangles), worked using DC (= British tr) stitches and joined as you go (no sewing involved). The upside-down heart is kept on the back of your head when wearing the hat, as you can see from the above picture : there is a kind of tail along my neck on the left selfie of my collage ! WHAT YOU NEED : YARN : King Cole BIG VALUE chunky, 100g, 100% premium