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Buon Natale e Felice 2014 !!!!

This time of the year has finally arrived !!!!! We are ready, the boys are excited (is Santa coming this year????) and we'll celebrate with other friends in Jakarta…. I need to finish some cooking and that's it!!!! I wish you all BUON NATALE and a FELICE 2014 !!!!  If you are not celebrating Christmas, I wish you a nice time to spend together with your families and take some good rest!!!! Enjoy and be merry !!!!! I need even to THANK YOU all my new blog, Facebook and Pinterest followers : you are really nice and you make me happy, a lot!!!! I'm taking a short blog break and we'll see each other again in the new year !!!!! Be patient and don't forget about me !!!!! ;oD LOVE, xxxx Alessandra

A nice Christmas tree from Brazil !!!!

This time was  Claudia's turn  to surprise me with her beautiful little Christmas tree decoration ….. If you go to her blog ( Linhas imagina'rias ) , you can see more pictures of her work and some useful tips!!!! Thank you Claudia for showing me such beauty!!!!! ;oD xxxx Alessandra

"HELLO !" sign : DONE !!!

I've promised you a post at the beginning of the week, but the working and final touches took more time than expected…. sorry !!! lying the letters made more simple and fast the selection of the proper yarns for borders… …. and for the ribbons…. …. to wrap around metallic hangers… Each time one hanger was ready ( the glue had to dry properly), I attached one letter to it using the "join-as-you-go" method… Few days ago all the letters were ready… …. and they were patiently waiting for the right moment to be hanged at the entrance wall…. …. so, this morning, I kindly asked my husband to hammer some nails in the wall…. …the light was not yet good to take quality pictures, but I didn't want to wait anymore!!!! …. just to give you an idea of their dimensions…. …. some pompoms and a "!" were mandatory….. …. Another look ???? !!!!!!! This project was really simple :

….Even Debi crocheted one...

….of my  Christmas tree decorations  !!!!!! Do you believe that???? I'm still confused about the popularity of this pattern, but it makes me so so HAPPY!!!! This is  Debi's version  …. I love the use of colourful buttons for the centres and for the star at the top!!!! It's really fascinating to see how each crafter has personalised her own work!!!! Debi, a huge thank you from the heart for this and your lovely words !!!! I think you have to pay a visit to Debi (a prolific crocheter), who is the witty and generous ( "the guardian grandmas" project) hostess of  hooks and yarns  !!!!! Say hi from me!!! Thank you!!! xxxx Alessandra

An easy and colourful revamp !!!!

Last year, for Christmas, I've decorated some  tree stands  with simple crochet motifs…. I felt in love with them immediately, so I decided to keep them all year long in my living room : it was impossible to put them away with the other Christmas stuff!!!! Few weeks ago, I decided to revamp one of them, the biggest one with the circles…. I've changed the strings (I've chained them) and with different yarns, I decided to add some slip stitch chains and single crochet borders…. I think this tree looks better now…. half done…. …. so colourful and much more like my usual style!!!!!! xxxx Alessandra