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Make it ! Yarn candies with a fork!!!

It's time for a new photo tutorial, isn't it? ;oD I just wanted something simple and clever ( kind of a stash buster!), like the one I did  to make tiny yarn butterflies  a while ago! The technique is the same, because you need again a fork as a loom and some yarn to weave along!!! Grab few little things as : a fork (metallic or plastic) with 4 prongs some colourful yarn a pair of scissors craft glue (quick dry) some pins a few strands of thinner yarn (2 for each candy) tape (optional) When ready,  collect the fork , the scissors, the thick yarn for the "body" of your candy and a couple of thinner yarn threads ( each10 cm long, more or less) Insert the two thin strands in the first and in the third dents of your fork Now you can take the thick yarn and from left to right (it's up to you if to start in the front or in the back of the fork. I started from the back!) start to weave the yarn, back and for... A use

Just a bunch of triangles....

.....for my shawl-to-be (do you remember? You may browse here  and  here )!!!!! Things are going pretty slowly, but I enjoy crocheting each triangle.... will take forever ......or maybe not!!!! Have a look by yourself, ladies!!!! .....oh yes, they are only 5 !!!! I need, at least, other 45 to go!!!!! Wish me luck!!!! .....but no worries : I'm having fun!!!! Enjoy the weekend, xxxx Alessandra Today link :  Creative Friday  !!! I've added one more triangle to the collection !!!!!!!! ;oD

Ginger the Fox !!!

My matryoshka brooches ( here ,  here ,  here  and  here !!!) are the inspiration for the following new one... and this time I was walking in woodland.... Please note that the template for the felt pieces of the fox (btw, Ginger is her name!) come from the book  Happy Stitch 30 felt &fabric projects for everyday  by  Jodie Rackley  !!!! After cutting all the pieces... ....I started from the tail... ....and I added even black crocheted feet.... .....back view.... ....then her muzzle.... ....where I did sew the eyes (turquoise buttons) and the nose (black jewel button)... and a pin on the back..... ....similar but different at the same time.... Ginger is a cutie !!! I'm really happy how she came out !!!!! Really love her.... ....her tiny feet.... ....her glorious tail.... .....I think that you really got the idea !!! Did you??? ;oD xxxx Alessandra Today link :  Craft Scho