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Raining cats and dogs !!

Yesterday my husband and our big boy went to Sentul City (located ouside Jakarta, south), because there was the annual family gathering with the employees of ENI, the company which my husband is working for. I've made a selection of pics to show you what they did during the morning. When they arrived, around 8am, it was sunny. Matteo had the chance to try the "flying fox", so he prepared himself with all the safety garments required and he climbed a high me, too high! He had a lot of fun and I truly believe him! After this, he started to play football with some of the kids that joined in. Even the rain "wanted" to share the moment,so.... Take a look at some pics.... He didn't play football only, noooo, he wanted even to build a dam.... Hard job, I have to say! As you see, all the kids had a lot of fun! The mums a little less when they got back home to wash the clothes, soggy and deeply dirty (red

Matrioska #2!

This "old" acquaintance has been sewn in place, but which one? Little by little you'll discover it....! But today you'll find a new friend! Follow me!!! A step by step introduction of this little miss Matrioska! Isn't she cute? She is not as big as her "sister", but big enough to be a pocket for a smartphone, for example. Tomorrow I'll sew her on.... WHAT?? Well, my dear have to be really patient! See you soon, xxx


It has been a long time since I've started the idea to design my own matrioska....So a couple of days ago, I've decided to begin this challenge! Since very young, I 've commenced to collect the traditional nest dolls. They are so colourful and a real joy to look at and to touch . Of course I own the classic ones, but I enjoy even the new ones with animals or different ladies from all around the world! I like them even on fabrics or buttons, so why not one in felt? The felt matrioska is ready now! I like her so much and I'm really delighted with the result! As you can see, it's an applique', but on what? Well, you'll see it in the next few days!!!! Have fun, xxx

Colours and "Think Pink" day

I started my morning knitting some pot holders! I was so happy to fill my eyes with all these bright cotton yarns. The difficult part was the colours selection for each pot holder, but this didn't stop me to knit almost 3 different squares! Before all this, I had to take some pictures of my kids, who were dressed with some pink as the school was expecting all the kids, boys and girls (teachers, too) to celebrate the end of "Think Pink Week". During all this week many initiatives and events took place in school, to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer.   In Primary, students could partecipate in lunchtime activities to raise extra funds, while in Secondary, a pink ribbons sale and a range of pink treats were available! I think when they will be back home, I'll have to listen to a lot of nice "did you know what we did in school today?"! So, I'm happily waiting for their return! Have a nice weekend, xxxx

Home sweet home !

The first finished project is a door stop! It was very simple to knit (moss stitch and garther stitch), but it took more than 6 months to have an idea how to sew it! The result is really cute, after all this long pondering! ( my Ravelry notes can be found  HERE ) Even this one enters the category of "My first attempt"! It has the shape of a house, but it could be even a beach hut or a wind mill! It really depends how far you can stretch your fantasy....!!! This nice thing is a key holder (the key-or keys!- slides inside the hut), that you can bring around as a necklace! It's not heavy and so fancy (and charming!) to wear around your neck! You can find my Ravelry notes  HERE  !! Instead this one is one of my WIP! I've wrapped around some plastic rings my yarn leftovers, using the blanket stitch technique. I'm still figuring out how to refine it and I hope some ideas will pop in my head asap! This "task" is really close

How to start the day with a smile (a big one!)!

The mad inventor........ ...and his brother! Thank you M and T, with all my heart! xxx

A morning walk in the neighbourhood - Part 2

...Another cart, other veggies.... A garbage man on duty..... This bakso is still "tutup" (closed!), but the floral table cloth was a nice idea as a substitute of a rolling shutter! ...The greenery around here is really opulent...... .....The window of a "warung", that is a little local restaurant..... ......This wall surrounds our home! ....Even Paolo got a picture, but framed in a heart..... ....An old gold car!!! ....A carrier from the kampung..... .....a lovely white and blue gate.... .....Back at home...... ....To sew these little purses! I hope you really enjoy our tour in the surroundings, because we did a lot! See you soon, xxx

A morning walk in the neighbourhood!

We started the tour from our home, only me and Paolo and our camera! A "Bakso" or shop on wheels...Often this kind of cart happens to be a little restaurant...! ....Some guys cheering and asking "Mister! Photo!Photo!", so Paolo took this pic! ....A grocery shop crammed with everything! .......some frying on the way! ....girls selling vegetables.... .....A toys seller's bike.... ....A garbagecollector's cart.... .....A shot with two little girls (the other four were scared of me, so they preferred to hide just around the corner!).... ....A little skinny kitten looking for food..... See you later, for Part 2!!! xxx