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When you meet Anneke from Crochet in Paternoster .....

.... well, it has happened (almost a couple of weeks ago, in Cape Town!) ... ... you can have a lovely afternoon of nice talking and laughing : for me was magical to meet her, after knowing each other for a while through Crochet in Paternoster and Ons Hekel (a crochet closed group, founded by Stel from Haak-en-stekie  ). As you can see from the above picture, Anneke and I exchanged some gifts (crochet related!!!), and in my beautiful basket (crocheted by Anneke!) I found the followings .... It was like Christmas for me!!! I was so happy to receive some precious South African cottons (from Moya  and Nurturing Fibres ) and 3 balls of t-shirt yarns + a 12mm wooden hook !!!! When back in Maputo, I had to start something with the t-shirt yarn, as I never used it before : very very curious !!! The first idea I came up with was : a bag!!!  So, I started to browse in various Japanese crochet books until I found the right pattern for my purpose and I started my new adventu

Make it ! Home Sweet Home garland !!!

A while ago (read this post, if you wish to be aware what I'm talking about), I crocheted some little houses, which then were forgotten in a box, once no more needed (as for the blogpost, dated 15 of October 2013!).... .... but in one of those days that you decide it's time to do some clean up, I found them again and I knew, this time, what to do with all of these little houses !!! I split them into two groups, each one with 7 houses. The first group had a prevail of blues, greens and grey ... The original  pattern is the following (US crochet terminology) : make a slip knot on your hook, chain 4 and slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring. chain 3, crochet 10 DCs into the ring and slip stitch in the top of your first DC made chain 8 (chain 3= DC and chain 5 more, to form the first arch), in same stitch crochet 1 DC, crochet 3 DCs in next 3 stitches, chain 5 (2nd arch) and crochet 1 DC in following stitch, crochet 3 DCs in next 3 stitches, chain 5 (3rd

Make it! April Fool's Day Fish !!!

Today could be a day full of jokes .... all over the world !!!! In Italy we have the custom to cut out a fish from a piece of paper (read here !) and we try to stick it on the back of a person (trying to be gentle, so that the victim is not aware of it) and then laugh at her/his shoulders .... silly, but such fun when I was a kid!!! Today, instead, I will love to give you a mini pattern (no photo tutorial, sorry!) that allows you to crochet some little fish to gift to your friends ... no jokes here!!! WHAT YOU NEED : some colourful cotton yarns a hook or more : I was working both with  3,5mm (one strand) and 4mm (2 strands). I've used once even a 3mm hook! a pair of scissors safety pins buttons yarn needle a needle to sew on the buttons Remember that I follow the US crochet terminology ! ;oD April Fool's Day Fish PATTERN : Choose a bright colour from your cottons (any other fibre is fine, too!) and make a slip knot on your hook Row 1 : chain