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Just after Christmas : a walk in Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma),Italy

Christmas is just gone! We did enjoy it with our families, both Christmas Eve dinner and Cristmas Day lunch! ...And today we needed a walk , after all that eating and sitting... and outside we had a lovely sunny day, so....Enjoy my pics taken in the cold Italy....!!!! ...this one was taken early in the morning .... red berries!!! logs ready for a fireplace  a Christmas hen? First time ever!!!!  a self-portrait!  some window shopping...  as you can see, we live in a spa town!  a nativity scene on a creative!!! an Ape car by Piaggio: a Vespa's sister!! a lovely duck the ducks' pond is mostly completely frozen! an holly tree!!   Finally, some quiet moments after those crazy days before Christmas!!! I really enjoyed these two hours outside with my boys, because it has been a relaxing time to relish with gusto! You know what? I'm ready again

Season Greetings!!!

Tonight, the kids and I are travelling back to Italy for our Christmas holiday (daddy will join us next week!)! The journey is long and I'm already tired just thinking about it....!!! Anyway I still have time to show you my last creation.... ....She shows you her back in the last pic not because she is not well mannered, but only because she is leaving, too! Infact she is ready for a long travel to New York.....!!!! I would like to see the face of my twin when she'll unwrap the package coming with this little miss.....!!! And then Margot... As usual she keeps me company just laying beside me, but this time she was distracted by the singing of a little bird outside in our front garden.... I really hope to have time to prepare a couple of posts while in Italy, but if not...... MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2012!!!! I wish you all to enjoy the company of your families and friends and to share together lovely moments!!! See you soon, xxx Posted: 16/12/20

My triplette!!!!

Have a look at my newborns...... ....So, all together I have 3 little new matrioskas or we can say more precisely that I have a matrioskas triplette!!! They are incredibly cute!!! You know that in real life I'm part of a triplette? I have my twin sister Sabrina (hello there!!!) and a good friend of mine that was born on our same day and same hour!!! Sabrina and I were born in Firenze (Florence) in Italy, while Ruzwana (my friend) was born in England!!!! So funny; eh? See you soon, xxx Posted: 14/12/2011 local time: 16:55

A new matrioska !!!!

I apologize for the quality of my pictures (they are all taken with my blackberry), but my camera had an accident last week (just dropped on the floor hitting the lens....sigh..)....I hope to have back my camera really soon, but in the meantime I have to work with my handphone!!! So, Christmas is approaching fast indeed! I'm trying to keep up with the time, so I'm no stop sewing and sewing... Last night this is what came out from my hands.......   Honestly, when all the work has been completed, I said to myself : WOW!!! It is my first matrioska smartphone holder and it cames out from an idea sketched on my note book (as you can see in the last photo)!! The colours are brilliant and they match perfectly together! And what about the velvety beads and the pom poms? I really really love them all! The nice thing is that this case is so soft.....I think that this matrioska is the right place where to slide in your phone

Christmas breakfast and Tiramisu' part II

The Santas' necklaces!!! Last Friday morning, the first thing to do, just after jumping out of the bed, was to collect out the tiramisu' from the freezer.... .....and wait patiently the defrosting process.... So, in the meanwhile, I woke up the kids, prepared their breakfast and even prepared myself for the nice event of the morning : Christmas Breakfast at Julie's!!!! When the school bus collected my kids, I went out to reach Julie's home (just 5 minutes of walking!) and there I completed my Tiramisu', just sprinkling the cocoa powder with the help of a tiny sieve: All the ladies were so happy to taste my dessert and luckily it was really good!!! Yummy! Yummy! The morning was so great, chatting and singing some Christmas Carols! The atmosphere was jolly and the food was really delicious! Let me introduce you Julie (in the middle), our hostess!  We all had a lovely time!!!! Did you ever had a Christm