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Make It ! Frida C2C handbag !!!

  So, this is what comes next the Frida Filet Panel (see previous   here  ) : a small handbag made using the corner to corner (C2C) technique! If you need one too, just follow the given pattern and play with colours and embellishments! WHAT YOU NEED - 5mm hook  -Cotton Blend Plain by Knitcraft from Hobbycraft, 100g/50% cotton, 50% acrylic/215m in the following shades : purple [1000], coral [1007], light pink, green, yellow [1008]. You don't need more than a ball for each one. -Home Cotton by The Women's Institute, 100g/85% cotton, 15% polyester/160m in the following shades : dark pink and yellow, used for the flowers on Frida's hair. Alas it's discontinued. A good matching substitute is Premier Home Cotton, 75g/120m and same fiber content. -stitch markers -1 black rope handle with wooden beads, mine is from Indonesia, but you can find similar online, sold by pair. -gingham B&W ribbon, 2cm wide, cut two pieces 70cm long -a couple of red heart buttons, H=1cm, W=1cm -a