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Granny Rectangles , second thoughts!

  Helloooo!!! As some of you may recall, I've been working on granny rectangles since I made my first granny chain  HERE  . I made an updated version of that design few months later, when I was contacted by Claire Montgomerie to submit a granny bunting pattern for issue 100 of Inside Crochet magazine (look  HERE  ). During last spring (in May) I made a couple of necklaces based on the original pattern of my granny rectangles and I showed the results on my  Instagram feed  . Recently I started a chevron blanket, using both the granny stitch and some granny rectangles arranged according to the herringbone pattern, as you can see : Anyway, why I'm here today bothering you about granny rectangles??? The answer is very simple : I just wanted to update the pattern, as I was no more convinced about it as I didn't like how the corners of the rectangle were shaped! So, if you are interested, I'm going to show you what I did for the new granny rectangle and something more!! WHAT