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....I love you, trees!!!! That's why lately I'm obsessed with them, quite a lot!!! I have different projects on the hook related with trees, but let's start with the first one.... ....a star and a granny diamond......only one???? ....obviously no !!! ...yes, above you can see all the pieces needed to complete a christmas decoration..... ....I'm only waiting for the right mood to start the sewing...... But I have other 2 project on the way!!!!! The second work has to be kept secret until the middle of November.....sorry !!!!!!! I can show you the third one, instead, ok? Good!!! ;oD Working with granny diamonds, gave me a new tree idea, but nothing to do with Christmas, this time!! I wanted a huge tree.... measures 62cmx62cm, more or less !!!!! I started with the foliage, crocheting in total 14 granny diamonds and joining them with the "join as you go " method. Then, I made the trunk, starting with 3 comple

Beauty is where you find it #82 : RED !!!!

The following pictures were taken a little while ago, in September.... ....We were (I and Matteo!!!) waiting for the right moment to show them off!!!! ....this red "morphsuite" was bought in Stockholm ( here,   here,  and  here  !!!) last Summer! Since then, everywhere we went, Matteo has shown this suite to everyone as he is very proud of it "You know? You can easily drink through it!!!!".....he is still  just a 14 (and 1/2!) years old boy!! ;oD He is really a red lover : even the hat and the iPod match with the suite!!! xxxx Alessandra Today I join  Nic  at her weekly photo challenge  beauty is where you find it  !! Join the fun!!!! Thank you!!!

Mini colourful pillows!!!

Back in  February  and in  March , I was experimenting with some oval crocheted table runners, to prepare myself for  this big project .... I had fun in playing with table runners, but I didn't know how to reuse my first products, that were nice but not so good to display on a table!!! ;oD Yesterday afternoon I HAD THE IDEA !!!!!! Easy peasy my dears : I had just to fold my projects in halves widthwise!!!!! Follow me..... ...then, I took a hook, some colourful contrasting yarns and I started to sew the 2 halves together using just a row of slip stitches, that formed a nice chain in the front... ....and a kind of running stitch on the back.... This one resemble a heart in its final shape (after filling it with some toy stuffing).... I sewed even the other one.... ....that was completed in a flash..... this one, instead, reminds me of a horse saddle....!!!!!...... They are ready now for some group photos..... ....

African flowers : they are all done !!!!

In these previous posts ( here  and  here ), you can find all the brief story on how it all started. I've added just few more to the "old ones".... and.... So...... Yesterday afternoon, I've collected all my flowers, some round little buttons (they look like mini belt buckles!) and a length of ribbon (I don't remember how many cm long...) with thin red&white stripes and I've used all these notions to form a vertical garland/wall decoration..... Using just few elements to embellish it, I find this garland very simple but effective on a white wall!!!! Few details... It was intended for the kitchen, but right now it's hanging from one of the walls of the living room!!! More details... I promise, these following pics are the last ones.... ;oD ...... Happy weekend, xxxx Alessandra Today link :  Creative Friday  and  Link your Stuff  ! You are really welcome to visit and par