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A little bird ….

Two days ago, while sitting on a bench in school waiting for the boys to come out, I was the privileged viewer of quite a show! A little bird, taking advantage of a moment of quiet in front of the auditorium, was collecting some leaves the wind made fall from the adjacent trees …. …. just to make a cosier nest ….  ;oD !!!! xxxx Alessandra

Make It ! Crochet Eyeglasses Cord !!!

….. Lately I uses my eyeglasses more and more ….. I need them to read, write or working on the computer ….. So they follow me everywhere in the house ….. But sometimes my hands are full of other things or simply I need to put them down when not in use ( just for a little while though …)… So I thought I needed a cord to keep them with me, but I didn't want a classic chain as the one my grandma uses …. Then my brain came up with a simple crocheted version of it (to be correct : 3 versions!) and maybe you need one too, for you or as a gift …. To start one, you need : some cotton crochet threads : I use two of them to create a baker's twine effect a hook ( 4mm) : pick the one right for your selected threads/yarns a pair of scissors a yarn/tapestry needle stitch markers (optional) a ruler or a tape measure a pair (or more!) of silicon holders for eyeglass chain/cord please remember : I follow the US crochet terminology ! ;oD FIRST VERSION : the simpl

Doily-Along : My Reveal !!!!

…. sorry for the delay, but the last two weeks have been a little bit crazy …. Problems with a slow internet and some black-outs … A  Christmas crafty photo tutorial  to organise …. …. and our family life in the between!!!!! ;oD Now, eventually, I can show you my work …. ….. The original idea was to crochet a lacy and colourful curtain for the big window of our kitchen …. …. I told you I hadn't in mind to make a big doily, but …. …. I couldn't find any curtain rod for that window, that has even a metallic frame, so, even a natural option, like driftwood with some nails, had to be rejected ….  : ((( Anyway, I'm happy with this result and I love the asymmetrical shape !!! What do you think ??? If you are interested to read more about this Doily Along, just click :  here ,  here ,  here ,  here ,  here ,  here  and  here  !!!! Thank you  KATE  !!!! xxxx Alessandra Today links :  Link your Stuff !   Craft Schooling Sunday  and  Busy

More about "The 2014 Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-Up" !!!

So  Laura  did it again and, as you can  see , some crafty bloggers helped her, me included !!! ;oD I'm going to show you the mosaics of the projects and the links to reach !!!! Have fun and be curious !!!! Mini Teddy Bed - Grace's Favours Shiny Reindeer Embroidered Hoop Art - Candyfloss Ramparts Teeny Tiny Snowman Pendant - i ManuFatti Nativity Bunting Tutorial - Hoogally Floating Pompom Garland - RetroDelicious Printable Colouring-In Snowflake Labels - It's Organised Blackwork Pleated Heart - Carina's

Saint Nick Ornaments for the 2014 Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-Up !!!

…. Well,  last year  it was a lot of fun participating at this link-up, so why not join again this year, too ???? HERE  you can find all the links of the projects of this year !!!! This 2014 Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-Up is hosted by Laura Howard of  Bugs and Fishes  !!!!! Thank you Laura !!!! So here I'm, with new ornaments to share with you all  …. …. oh sure, it's another crochet project (as last year : click  here ) !!!!! It's a colourful one ! It presents some different options ( Santa with or without gloves and boots; pom pom or not ? for Santa's hat or just a simple brim - or you prefer scallops ?- for his slouchy beanie !) and  it doesn't require a lot of yarn or time, but some patience !!! This is why I think this project is not suitable for crochet beginners, not because of difficult stitches involved, but because some experience in the field helps and avoid some stress in the accomplishment of the steps you need to follow to crochet this l