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Mega Granny Square Jumper !!!

I started to crochet my first granny square for my jumper-to-be on last 4th of October... ... and little by little, crocheting on a daily basis, I added rounds after rounds ... ... while I was working on other two w.i.p.s, like my  PONCHO  and the  GEODE PILLOW  ... ... and when I completed 26 rounds for the first granny, I wanted to block it to see its real measures : it reaches 74 cm for each side (more or less!) ... The yarns I've been using were all from my personal stash, no new yarn was bought for this project and some are discontinued, while others I have no more the band with all the details or brand. I will try to give you a kind of yarn list, starting from the center of the granny (I was working with a 6mm hook, btw) : KATIA AZTECA shade 7837  fuchsia-maroon-brown (53%wool, 47%acrylic) FILATI TROPICAL LANE SPENDOBENE SUPER SPORT shade 266  off white (47%merino wool, 53%dralon) FILATI TROPICAL LANE SPENDOBENE SUPER SPORT shade 34  mustar

New pattern for sale on Ravelry : My Quintet of Christmas Stockings !!!

Yes, I wrote a new pattern !!!! It's Christmas related and it gives you some ideas to crochet 5 different stockings: You may crochet just the one you prefer or even all five, right? The pattern for sale is full of colourful pictures and it consists of 38 pages. The crochet skills required : easy/intermediate You have to know basic stitches as (US crochet terminology) chains, slip stitches, single  and double crochets, the "join-as-you-go" method used to join both toes and heels to the rest of the socks. With the same pattern you can crochet the following stockings: The Big Stocking The Colourful Granny Stripes, the Pompom and the Fringes Stockings and the Baby Stocking What do you think??? You are free to use any yarn weight and hook size : it will be fun!!!! The pattern is easily adaptable to any size and you can embellish each stocking as you like : give a lot of freedom to your creativity and have a lot of fun!!!!! The p

Make it! Gingerbread House ornament !!!

In this last couple of weeks I feel unstoppable!!!! I really love to create decorations for Christmas : a lot of fun !!!! Today, I'm showing you how to crochet some gingerbread houses to hang on your Christmas tree or to use for a bunting, a wreath or just to add as a decorative element on the table or on a parcel ... WHAT YOU NEED : 4mm hook some colourful DK yarns from your stash yarn needle scissors mini bells baker's twine Please note I follow the US crochet terminology, thank you !!! You can work your ornament with different weight of yarns, if you like ! The pattern for the house takes inspiration from an "old" photo tutorial of mine :  Make it! Granny House!!!  There are slight differences with the pattern of today, but you can choose the one you prefer! Let's start !!! ;oD CANDY CANES (make two) You can decide to crochet white candy canes or colourful ones (for example : all red) and add the extra colour (slant line) whe