Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Mittens !!!

During the last #ldjcrochethookup on Instagram, hosted by Ashley of lazydaisyjones (you can find her blog HERE), on DAY 23 we had to submit : MITTENS !!!

I never crocheted a pair before !!!
Luckily I found this Japanese crochet book with this picture on the cover ...

.... and inside (on pages 6 and 7) I find the pictures of these lovely mittens ...

So, I collected my 4mm hook and the following yarns :

Patons FAB DK shade 02342 petrol
Katia MERINO MIX shade 4 red

I had to modify the original pattern, adding a couple of rows both for the mittens and thumbs, and it came out nicely, with a floral design on the back of the glove ....

They are very easy and quick to crochet and the crocheted cord (in a contrasting colour) gives a nice touch to this pair of mittens !!!

A lot of you ask where I buy my Japanese crochet books ....

Well, my collection is made of books I bought while living in Jakarta (Indonesia) and when travelling to Singapore. In fact, in both places, you can find an amazing bookstore chain known as KINOKUNIYA and it was heaven !!!!

I found, yesterday, the folowing WEBSITE and I hope it could be helpful !

I know that you can buy these books even via ETSY or AMAZON ... have a look!

Another tip : you can "read" Japanese crochet books via ISSUU, a digital publishing platform for magazines, catalogs and more, as they say!!

I wish you luck with your book search and remember that this month celebrates MOVEMBER...

xxxx, Alessandra


  1. They look really warm and cosy! You've chosen nice colours!
    Thank's for the inspiration :-)
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

    1. Hi Sigrid!!!
      so glad you like them!!! They are warm and cosy and I have to wait to go to Italy for Christmas to put them on!!! ;oD
      Have a good day, you to!!!
      xxxxx Ale


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